This 16-Year-Old Rapper Named ‘Token’ Might Be The Next Eminem

The biggest news in rap and hip-hop so far this month has been Drake dancing around like a moron on Hotline Bling, until now. A 16-year-old rapper named ‘Token’ just dropped No Sucka Mcs Contest, and I’m already hooked. Ever since I first came across this dude’s video last night I’ve been going down a K-Hole through the rest of his videos, and after watching most of them on repeat I can tell you one thing: Token has a very, very bright future in rap.

I’m already seeing a lot of comments in his YouTube videos from haters talking about how we’re all too easily impressed by double time, but that’s discounting this kid’s flow and lyrics. He’s not just some 16-year-old who’s getting lucky with one viral video. And even if he was, that’s how Lil Dicky got his start (not to say that Lil Dicky will ever be the next Eminem, because he won’t). Token’s got grit, rhythm, speed, and he’s a lyricist. He has all the makings of the next great rapper.

So why did I suggest that he might go on to become the next Eminem? Because that’s the benchmark for every white rapper, now and forever. It’s that simple, being ‘the next Eminem’ is the ceiling. And you can go ahead and blast me all you want in the comments, but this kid’s got potential and you’re a fool if you don’t see that.

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