Dude Plays ‘Africa’ By Toto Using Every Sound On His Synthesizer And It’s Straight Up Spectacular

‘Africa’ by Toto was released 35 years ago, and it’s just as great of a song today as it was back then. The same cannot be said for a large portion of 80’s music. Most of the ‘classics’ aged well, you know the songs I’m talking about, but there are some garbage songs that were produced during the 80’s that aged like a bottle of Franzia left out in the Florida Summer sun for 35 years until it curdled into black mud.

I’m not sure if this YouTuber set out to prove that ‘Africa’ by Toto sounds great when played using every sound under the sun, or if he was just bored as shit. Whatever the case may be, this bro proved that Toto’s ‘Africa’ both stands the test of time AND is a fundamentally perfect song because it sounds great when played in every possible way. In true 80’s fashion, Seth Everman took out all the stops on his synthesizer and played ‘Africa’ using every sound and beat his synthesizer had.

(h/t r/videos)

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