Weird Al Did An ‘Unboxing Video’ For His 2014 Grammy Award And I Keep Hitting Replay On The Ending



Weird Al Yankovic won the 2014 ‘Best Comedy Album’ Grammy Award for his ‘Mandatory Fun’ album and when an artist wins a Grammy Award they don’t leave that night with their hardware, it is mailed to them later. When this prestigious award showed up Weird Al thought the Internet might enjoy an ‘unboxing video’, the phenomenon of people filming themselves opening up items they’ve received in the mail (it’s often new computers, iPhones, etc). Weird Al definitely crushes this unboxing video, and you’ll see why in just one moment (make sure you stay to the end):

Now if that’s not a ‘big swinging dick’ move from Weird Al then I don’t know what is. He just nonchalantly tosses his award in the pile with his veritable trash pile of Grammy Awards. And as far as unboxing videos go this one’s pretty entertaining, because not only is it Weird Al doing all the narration but it’s not every day that you get to see that many Grammy Awards sitting in the trash. So I don’t want you to go searching for other unboxing videos on YouTube thinking that they’ll all be this interesting, because they’re definitely not.

And I know that this video was shot back at the end of April, but for whatever reason it’s only finally making the rounds now, so I figured it was worth sharing with you bros that are Weird Al fans and might have missed it the first time around.

[Weird Al]