Female Fox News Host Makes Stupid Statements And Guy Shuts Her Down With Sweet Comeback

Fox News — providing gems of journalism like this for far too long.

Alright, so these two are debating something. It sounds like they’re debating a car jacking but I’m not sure what’s to debate about a car jacking, especially on Fox Business. “ARE CAR JACKINGS GOOD PR EXPOSURE?! NEXT ON FOX BUSINESS!” Anyway, the woman labeled a “feminist” in the video explains why women would choose their kids over a car in some scenario constructed for TV. According to her, women will always choose “their kids over the car” and she would “question a lot of men out there” should they be in the same situation.

It’s funny how the women fighting so hard against stereotypes and sweeping generalizations about their gender are allowed to flip the script and make blanket statements about “a lot” of men. Well let me just say, as one of “a lot” of men and the father of two kids, go fuck yourself nice and hard lady. I’d chose my kids over anything. I don’t care what the offer is.

Anyway, so the guy chooses to ignore that statement and concentrate on her stating that women live longer because they’re “stronger and happier at the end of the day” and delivers a sweet little zinger to the woman who looks like she’s happy about zero percent of the time.

Thug life.

[H/T: Reddit]

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