Strongman Brian Shaw Created An Insane $10K Deadlift Setup That Involves Hummer Tires

During the Coronavirus lockdown, people were forced to turn their homes into makeshift gyms.

Four-time World’s Strongest Man winner Brian Shaw was forced to improvise while all the gyms were closed and dropped $10K on a deadlift setup that uses Hummer tires as weights.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and with Shaw still in training for the upcoming World’s Strongest Man – the competition was moved from May to November – Shaw needed to turn things up a notch.

“I’ve been working on various heights with my deadlift,” explains Shaw in his latest YouTube video. “Still don’t know what the deadlift will be at World’s Strongest Man, if it’s for height or if it’s for reps, but I’m trying to work on everything to be well-rounded. As soon as we get that information I can dial it in a little more.”

Shaw warms up with just the Hummer tire deadlifts, then adds a pair of plates.

After a few reps, he adds another set of tires to the bar and then more plates.

Shaw then adds another set of tires, bringing the total to six, then adds on more weight plates, and on and on until we’re exhausted just watching the video.

[via Shaw Strength]

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