There’s Now An NYC Gym That’s Designed For Influencers And Trainers To Create Workout Content For Instagram

I can’t tell you how many friends and colleagues I’ve had approach me and ask about how they can take better photos to ‘go viral.’ They think that because the @Brobible Instagram account has a few hundred thousand followers, and there are millions of other followers spread across Twitter and Facebook, that I’ve somehow got the secret sauce when it comes to growth. My answer’s always the same: take better pictures, shoot better videos.

If you produce better content then more people will want to watch, like, and follow. It’s that simple. And that’s apparently the story behind this exclusive $900/month gym in NYC. They’ve created a lighting system and layout that’s built to help trainers and influencers produce better content for Instagram and YouTube.

Performix House in NYC only accepts around 13% of all applicants. They cater specifically to people looking to grow their social presence with Fitness-related content. Prior to accepting new members, they even stalk their social feeds to see how serious they are about working out.

INSIDER was given a behind-the-scenes look at this exclusive gym that’s catering to the so-called fitness gurus that you see all over Instagram these days. In addition to being optimized for the ‘gram, they offer some outrageous amenities at this gym like hot/cold recovery treatments, physiotherapy, and other things you won’t find at your normal gym.

If this was a few years ago I’d blast this as the most stupid shit I’d ever seen in my life. Now? I kind of get it. These people need an outlet to produce the content they monetize and a gym owner recognized that they can charge nearly $1,000/month to provide a place that’s optimized for that.

The gym is a sanctum where everyone can film without being laughed at by normal people working out. There appears to be a cap on entry so it won’t ever be overrun. It sounds like a perfect fit for all parties involved. I get that. If I see some amped up dude at the gym filming himself I’m going to laugh at that. But everyone at Performix House is on the same page.

You can check out the Performix House website here to learn more about this gym.