This Killer 2-Minute Kettlebell Cardio Workout Is Perfect When You’re Short On Time

Photo of an athlete arm holding a kettlebell

iStockphoto / BartekSzewczyk

For the last year, I’ve been part of the 5am club.

It’s an idea created by Robin Sharma in his excellent book…wait for it…The 5 AM Club.

The idea behind the club is to wake up at five in the morning, EVERY DAY, and adopt specific habits that will lead to a kick ass day.

One of the tenants of the 5 AM club involves a short but effective exercise routine to get the body awake and moving.

The routine should be simple and last at least 20 minutes but, honestly, sometimes I get hung up on one of the other habits – typically journaling in my notebook –  and I lose track of time.

I can’t skip the exercise part, so I’ve got to pack a cardio and weight wallop into a couple minutes.

This 2-minute kettlebell cardio workout from Chandler Marchman is perfect on those mornings where I’m slightly rushed, and the clock is ticking.

All a person needs is a kettlebell, a chair, enough room to move, and a couple minutes to spare.

Each round is 2 minutes long so you can perform one round, five rounds, or until you’re ready to puke.

Exercise 1: Single Arm Box Snatch

Exercise 2: Single Arm Oh Box Squat

Exercise 3: Single Arm Oh Strict Press

Exercise 4: Single Arm Swing

After you’ve completed one side, switch to the other arm.

If you’re not quite sure how to do one – or all – of these exercises, Chandler demonstrates each and adds helpful tips for proper form.

See everyone at 5 am!



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