Fitness Coach Explains How Working Out At Home Can Be Just As Good For Training As The Gym

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Does it matter where you work out? It’s a pretty straightforward question but the answer isn’t very simple. In order to get into the mindset of working out, you might need a crowded gym full of motivated people. Or you might need a completely desolate gym because you prefer to work out in solitude. If you’re lucky, you are the type of person that can get a pump on anywhere, anytime and sees the world as his gym.

Roger Frampton is the author of The Flexible Body, and he spoke with Business Insider about how getting in a workout at home can be just as effective as training at the gym. It’s all about how you see your surroundings and adapt the area to fitness.


“I look around my house, I see my sofa; for me, that’s like parallel bars. I see a chair; what balances can I do on a chair? Can I stretch my legs on a chair? I look around the house, I go into the kitchen and I see all these different heights. (via)

This isn’t about walking into your living room and doing pushups. What I see here is a way to change your mind to look at the world differently. Once you start looking at everything as an opportunity to workout then you immediately find yourself getting healthier. Roger Frampton’s book, The Flexible Body, promises to have you moving better anywhere, anytime with just 10 minutes of exercise each day. You can pick up his book on Amazon for $13 ($9.99 Kindle edition).

For what it’s worth, Roger Frampton’s pretty shredded. So this isn’t some snake oil salesmen, he practices what he preaches and you can see the results on his Instagram page.

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