The Spikeball Workout: How To Get Shredded Playing Spikeball

Spikeball is, without a doubt, one of the best beach and backyard games of the summer. All that radical motion is great for your core, too — Especially in sand where you’re balancing your inertia with an odd center-of-gravity. It’s great exercise and only going to get bigger and bigger over the next few summers.

We talked to ReebokOne Trainer Andy Dooley — swagged out in ZPrint Run Ultraknits and Reebok’s combat boxing shorts — bout how to stay in peak physical shape so that you’re dominating every single Spikeball game you play.

If you don’t already have a Spikeball set, go grab one before summer’s over on Amazon. In specific, these exercises are designed to help increase strength, explosiveness and muscle reaction.

1. Lateral Shuffles

Squat down as if in a basketball defensive stance and shuffle back and forth tapping cones on each side.


2. Lateral Half Kneel to sprint burpee

Get into a half kneelling position. one hip is extended with your weight pressed on the heel and leg, with a slight lean forward. The opposite hip and knee are flexed to about 90 degrees on the ground. The knee that is in the upward position will push off of the ground, trunk rotation in the direction to sprint to the cone. Once you reach the cone, drop down into a burpee and return back up. Then reset to go the opposite way.


3. Traveling in and out agility drill

Start with two feet outside the line, travel laterally with one foot in and one foot out alternating as you reach your destination.


4. Push Up to burpee

Start in a plank position, hands underneath shoulders, travel down to a push up, once chest touches the ground, ascend back up and drive hips forward and bring your underneath your chest, softly landing on the balls of your feet. Do not stand all the way up, from the deep sqaut position, descend back down into the original position and repeat.


5. Lateral Push up to hand tap

– Start in a plank position, hands underneath shoulders, travel down to a push up, once chest touches the ground, ascend back up and  and at the same time reach forward and touch the ground in front of you. Return back to original position, descend back down chest towards floor and explode laterally down the line and repeat until you reach your destination.


6. Pulse squats to Knee Tuck

Get into a squat position, do three pulsating squats then explode out of the squat jumping into a knee tuck and return landing softly on the ground absorbing the landing back into the original position and repeat.


7. Ball Toss Reaction Burpee

In a standing position, take a spike ball, tennis ball, or dodge ball and toss it over your head slightly and drop down into a burpee quick enough to jump back up and react to where the ball lands and grab it before the second or third bounce.

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