Make Your Triceps The Size Of Softballs With This Weighted Close Grip Pushup

tricep pushup exercise


Biceps are cool and stuff but big, bulging, softball-sized triceps will get a guy noticed at the bar or on the beach.

After your next workout, Men’s Health suggests finishing strong with these close grip loaded pushups.

“If you need a no frills workout finisher that will push your arms and chest to the brink, dig back into your bag of exercises and get back to the basics with a pushup. But just because you’re going simple with your routine doesn’t mean it’ll be easy—to make your session tougher, add a load, change your position, and switch up your set structure to burn out your upper body.”

To perform the loaded close grip pushup burnout, all you’ll need is a weight plate to load onto your back.

Here’s how to perform the exercise with perfect form every time.

  • Get into a pushup position, with your hands placed at shoulder width or slightly narrower.
  • Place the weight on your back, making sure that you have the load up high enough so that your arms bear most of the burden.
  • Squeeze your glutes and brace your core, then perform 8 to 10 pushup reps.
  • Pause for a count at the bottom of each rep without resting your chest on the ground.
  • Remove the weight (either with the help of a partner or by shifting to safely drop the load to the ground), then perform standard close grip pushups to failure.

For a full demonstration, head over to Eb & Swole on Men’s Health.

And don’t forget to hit the “forgotten triceps” muscle for even bigger guns.



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