10 Incredible Things We Want This Week (A Gear Guide For Bros)

Hey bros! I know it’s been a hot minute since we’ve put together a collection of ‘10 Things We Want This Week‘, but as it’s all sorts of frigid outside and we’re sitting in the office today discussing stuff we wish we owned, today seemed like as good a day as any to put together a gear guide of stuff we want. If you know something you think should be featured here, feel free to hit me up via email at Cass @ Brobible dot com.

Matt Forte’s $1.6 Million mansion in the Chicago suburb of Mettawa

Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte has put his $1.6 million dollar mansion on the market. It’s located in the swanky Northern Chicago suburb of Mettawa. It features five-bedrooms and 6,062-square feet of luxurious space. For more on this mansion you can head on over to the Chicago Tribune.

Greubel Forsey Tourbillon 24-Secondes Vision (Price: ~$300K)

This exquisite timepiece was unveiled at SIHH 2015, and Gear Patrol has a write up on it HERE. There’s no specific price point set for this watch as of yet, but a representative for Greubel Forsey is quoted as saying “t would be approximately 10% less expensive than than previous entry point”, which translates to somewhere over $300,000. If anyone can get their hands one of of these for me, and DGAF about money, send it my way.

Mophie iPhone Rechargeable Juice Pack For iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus)

No matter how good your cellphone battery is you can always use more juice, enter Mophie. The Mophie Juice Pack comes in three different models: Juice Pack Air for iPhone 6 (up to 100% additional battery life), Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 6 (up to 120% additional battery life), Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus (up to 60% additional battery life). I recently got my hands on the Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus and I have to tell you, every other bro on the team is jealous. These cases really do come in handy, because you’re not always able to charge your phone.

Starting at a price point of $99.95 you can pre-order your Mophie Juice Pack for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus HERE.

TaylorMade R15 Driver: $429.99

Considered to be the ‘most technologically advanced driver’ ever made by TaylorMade, the R15 Driver is easily the ‘must have’ driver of 2015. From TaylorMade:

R15 also features a lower and more forward center of gravity (CG), to promote higher launch and lower spin. The Front Track system performs like a Speed Pocket, reducing spin and increasing the size of the sweet spot, and the 4° loft sleeve along with new sliding split weights (12.5g each) make dialing in your tee shots easier than ever—slide the weights to center for max distance, heel for max draw, toe for max fade, or split them for max stability.
Only our greatest breakthroughs are worthy of being called an R. 15 years of our groundbreaking metalwoods technologies from the #1 driver in golf have been fused with brand new innovations into a single, game-changing design. We put everything we have into the R15, so you can find out what you have—in you.

You can find out more on the TaylorMade website HERE.

blu PLUS Rechargeable E-Cig Kit

I’ve been known to bash e-cigs from time to time here on BroBible, but at the end of the day they TRULY are a useful tool in getting smokers to quit traditional cigarettes. Taking the need for transition into account, the Blu Plus Rechargeable Kit provides both the feel AND look of cigarettes that a smoker looking to ween himself of cigs craves.

Retailing at only $42.99, you get the: Slim, rechargeable pack, 1 blu PLUS+ wall charger, 1 blu PLUS+ USB cord, 2 rechargeable batteries (last twice as long as blu Rechargeable), Batteries “quick-charge” in the pack, 3 Classic Tobacco blu Tanks™ with more than twice the capacity of blu flavor cartridges…So for any of you bros looking to transition from cigarettes to e-cigs, THIS IS THE ONE YOU SHOULD CHOOSE.

The McLaren 675LT (Price Unknown)

At the 2015 Geneva Auto Show super car maker McLaren is set to debut the beastly 675 LT, and the entire auto world is eagerly awaiting its arrival.

From McLaren:

The new 675LT is the first McLaren in nearly two decades to be known as a ‘Longtail’. It has been inspired by one of the purest GT sports racers of all time: the McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’. The ‘Longtail’ was the ultimate evolution of the McLaren F1 GTR, the car which dominated the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995. Developed specially for the 1997 FIA GT1 Championship, the elongated silhouette reduced drag and increased downforce – and earnt it the ‘Longtail’ nickname – and combined with extensive weight-saving measures, it was the purest competition version of the McLaren F1 ever built.

Just as soon as we get a price point on this incredible piece of machinery I’ll let you bros know where the GoFundMe is set up in order to buy me one of these.

Spyderco Dog Tag Folding Knife: $119.95

No man can ever have enough knives, and this one’s tickled my fancy. At $120 MSRP it’s not too expensive, yet in design it’s exquisite. From Spyderco:

Based on one of Serge Panchenko’s most popular custom designs, the Dog Tag Folder is a unique departure from Spyderco’s typical folding knife construction methods. Its single-sided handle is fabricated from solid titanium and accurately replicates the size and shape of a military dog tag. The center of the handle scale is machined to create an integral spring bar that houses a steel ball bearing for the blade’s detent mechanism. At the top of the handle is a aluminum back strap that defines the blade’s limits of travel in both the open and closed positions and provides protection from the edge when the knife is closed.

The “business end” of the Dog Tag is a sheepfoot-style blade made from premium CPM® S30V® particle metallurgy stainless steel with a stonewashed finish.

If anyone out there is listening: THIS is what I want for my birthday this year. You can find it here on Spyderco’s website, or on Amazon.

Optishot Golf 2: $499.99

“This briefcase-sized golf simulator combines the latest in analytic and shot tracer technology with a user-friendly interface. The Optishot Golf 2 works with every club in your bag, requires no elaborate set-up and is compatible with Windows and Mac. The Optishot Golf 2 tracks speed, tempo, club plane and hand path. In terms of play mode, the user selects from an exclusive course library which displays realistic 3D images of popular world-class golf courses with multiple camera views. There’s also a ‘Practice Mode’ where the OptiShot PinPoint will track and record progress.

To learn more and try it out for free CLICK HERE.

Privé Private Jet Membership

Founded back in 2007 as a ‘member’s only’ club for aspiring jet setters, Privé Private Jets is the only way I’d ever want to travel if I either made a killing in Silicon Valley and/or won the Powerball Lottery.

Privé Jets maintain a fleet of over 6,000 luxury jets across the globe, and operate as a 24/7 concierge service for on-demand jet setters…Which holy shit, isn’t it awesome that such a thing even exists? I actually can’t even begin to fathom traveling like this, as I’d feel fortunate to even take one trip in a plane like this let alone jet set across the world whenever I wanted to.

For more on Privé Jets CLICK HERE.

Tour X Jolt by Bushnell Golf

Spring’s right around the corner so you really need to start thinking about your golf game. The Tour X Jolt from Bushnell Golf might the be difference maker you need this coming season.


Slope Technology when you want it, tournament legal when you need it.
A Tour X JOLT exclusive, Exchange Technology lets you use our patented Slope Technology when the red faceplate is installed and functions as a USGA conforming device when the black faceplate is installed.
Dual Display Technology allows the user to easily toggle between the bright red vivid display or sharp black display based on lighting conditions or personal preference.

For more on the Tour X Jolt from Bushnell Golf CLICK HERE.

If you see or have anything you think should be included in the ‘Things We Want This Week’ roundup you can email me at cass @ guyism dot com, or find me on Twitter HERE.