The Ultimate Snapback Throwback, Plus 10 Things We Want

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It’s Memorial Day weekend. Odds are, you’ll be seeing people who love you. Make sure to tell them about all of the stuff you want so they can buy it for you at the next germane time.

As always, send items to kyle AT brobible dotcom.

’47 Brand Snapback, $28


There are hats you like and wear on bad hair days. Then there are hats you wear every single day because you love it so much. These slick snapbacks from ’47 are the latter. Regardless of your team, there’s likely a badass throwback look or six to rock. Defunct logos live on, causing you to have a mobile conversation starter.

Brass iPhone Case, $125


Finally, a way to be flashy without being too flashy. This hardware will make your phone impervious to breaks and smooth and cool to the touch. Total no-brainer here. This look just screams class.

Carhartt Blue Penny Murray Strip Sweater, $100


This is what a bizarro George Costanza would wear while not being a neurotic bald loser. It’s simple, functional and sports a brand name proven tough enough to take on any challenge. Also perfect for loaning to the coldest girl at a beach bonfire.

Ashworth Encinitas Wingtip, $199


A few years ago, I was invited to play golf by my future father-in-law. The whole thing got off to a terrible start when I realized the only pair of “golf shoes” I owned was a pair of old lacrosse shoes. These puppies could have saved me. Add a few extra yards on your drive while actually looking like you have your life together. If only I had a time machine.

Nemo Rhythm 25 Sleeping Bag, $160


Summer camping season is here and that means millions of dudes will be headed out into the woods without knowledge of how to survive in the woods. What could go wrong? Well, for one, you could be cold. Solve that potential problem with this sleeping bag, which will keep you warm even on the coldest of nights. Looks like there’s plenty of room for two in there, too, if you’re into that kind of thing.

 Fishpond Large Zippered Duffel Bag, $199


Have you ever dreamed of packing up your earthly possessions and wandering around Europe with no return date in mind? If the answer is yes, you’re going to need a big-ass bag to make your dream a reality. This effort will suffice. Hell, use it for bicep curls if you want — or just strap it to your back vertically like a sane person.

These Really Cool Robots That Turn Into Furniture, N/A


I mean, look at these little guys. The future is now.

 Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV, $16


There’s a dirty little secret behind all of those smiling, caffeinated people you see on your wake-up programs. Hell, there’s more than one dirty secret, and New York Times reporter Brian Stelter is here to tell them all. Come for the salacious stories and stay for the new-school journalism.

 Army Knife USB Drive, $15


Any time you can get more sharp objects jutting out of your computer, you do it. You’ll be on the cutting edge of technology with this portable device. Plus, good luck to anyone trying to get their hands on your information.

Headfoams, $39


Yes, they are designed for children but I want them. Considering the abuse my headphones take, I feel like this is a safe play. Also, if you do have children, you take all the help you can get.

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