100 Of The Best Gifts For Men In 2021

100 Of The Best Gifts For Men In 2021

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The very best gifts are the ones we love giving and receiving. That’s what makes putting together our annual gift guide of the 100 Best Gifts For Men so special each year, it’s full of gifts we’re either giving to family and friends or have received in the past and fell in love with.

2021’s list of the 100 Best Gifts For Men began on January 1st. We spend 365 days a year keeping track of the best gifts for men so when it comes time to shop online we’ve done all of the heavy lifting.

Below you’ll find gift ideas for every type of guy. We tried and tested gifts for guys who are impossible to shop for, gifts for guys who love fishing, the best whiskeys of 2021, and a whole lot more. There are some extravagant gifts like a night at the Gucci Mansion in Lake Como, Italy and uniquely practical gift ideas like PADI SCUBA lessons. Just do yourself a favor and make sure to scroll to the end so you don’t miss anything!


100 Best Gifts For Men 2021 — BroBible’s Holiday Gift Guide



The Heated Razor by GilletteLabs

What if you could get that same hot towel shaving experience from the barbershop, but on a regular Tuesday morning in the comfort of your own bathroom? With the Heated Razor by GilletteLabs, it’s about as close as you get.

It’s time to open your eyes to an upgraded shaving experience. With the simple push of a button, the warming bar heats up in less than a second to send an evenly-distributed, soothing heat directly to the skin. From there, four intelligent heat sensors maintain the warming bar at a safe consistent temperature. The result is the pleasure and comfort of a hot towel shave with each and every stroke of the blade.

The Heated Razor by GilleteLabs is truly a one-of-a-kind gift.




WhistlePig’s The Boss Hog VII: Lapulapu

WhistlePig's The Boss Hog: Lapulapu

WhistlePig is calling The Boss Hog VII Lapulapu “an epic sequel to the World’s Best Rye” and I say nay to that because this is, in fact, the world’s best rye. It was love at first sip for last year’s Boss Hog: Magellan’s Atlantic and I experienced the same instant wave of euphoria this year.

The name Lapulapu comes from the legendary Filipino warrior LapuLapu who Captain Magellan met his fate at the hands of and this rye has the strongest of ties to the Philippines. It is double finished in high toast, small-batch, single island Philippine Rum casks.

WhistlePig’s Lapulapu carries a $499 price tag and unfortunately for my wallet, it’s worth every single penny and then some. The toughest part about forking over that much for a bottle of fine whiskey is when the whiskey is so good it changes your life forever and you realize that suddenly prices aren’t always about branding and there are some truly exceptional whiskeys in the world. This is one of them. If you want to treat yourself this Christmas, hit that link below to visit the WhistlePig website to learn where you can track it down.

Shop WhistlePig’s The Boss Hog Here



Gerber Gear Knives + Multitools

If you’re unfamiliar with Gerber, you’ll want to know they’re one of the best EDC and knife companies out there. They’ve got something for every individual’s price point—from sleek $50 pocket knives to $300 tomahawks.




House of Gucci Mansion on Airbnb

Villa Balbiano, aka The “House of Gucci” on Lake Como, is up for rent on Airbnb. As you can imagine, it is one of the most opulent and gorgeous properties available in all of Airbnb’s listings.

For a cool $1,132/night you can reserve the 6 bed/6 bath villa on Italy’s Lake Como that was the site of Gucci family patriarch Aldo Gucci’s home in the film.

Check Airbnb Availability Here



Pit Viper BALL-ISTIC Sunglasses

The new Pit Viper BALL-ISTIC line features three military-specific Pit Viper 2000s that feature 100% UV protection, 11% light transmission, and a ballistic-rated 2.2mm polycarbonate lens, designed for impact resistance.

Pit Viper sunglasses have a pretty unique connection to the military badasses that serve good ol’ Uncle Sam. The sunglasses company began when the company’s ski bum founders, Chuck Mumford and Chris Garcin, bought a stash of military surplus sunglasses and started slinging them with colorful, hand-painted designs. The shades were a huge hit with action sports enthusiasts looking to embrace a ’90s throwback vibe. When the military surplus well ran dry, the company launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 to bring Z87 safety-rated shades inspired by vintage Army SPECs to market.

According to Pit Viper, these models also feature a non-mirrored lens, matte colors, anti-slip rubberized frames, and laser-etched logos to prevent reflection, as requested by military personnel.




Blue Run Whiskey — 12 Days of Christmas

Blue Run High Rye Whiskey

From December 1 through 12, Blue Run Spirits is celebrating the ’12 Days of Christmas’ by releasing bottles from a different single barrel of their High Rye Bourbon every day. The whiskey was contract distilled at Castle & Key Distillery and ranges from 115-117 proof and each bottle will have a signature butterfly that corresponds to the barrel it came from.

Blue Run Spirits simply does not miss. I’ve been fortunate enough to taste each of their releases over the past year and a half and they’ve blown me away, but don’t take my word for it, they’ve also crushed it at the San Francisco International Spirits Competition with gold medals.

The tricky thing about getting your hands on these Blue Run Spirits releases is they literally sell out within minutes. So you will want too visit their website below to find out when the next releases are (now, for 12 Days of Christmas) and follow them on social for those same announcements.

Shop Blue Run Spirits Here



The Gift Of PADI Online Scuba Diving Lessons

Need an out-of-the-box idea for the adventurous soul on your list?

Giving the gift of scuba diving lessons has actually never been easier. The lucky recipient doesn’t even need to live near the ocean to get started either.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) offers online scuba diving lessons beginning at $195, enabling new divers to start their scuba training digitally whenever, wherever it’s convenient. As a gift, you’re giving more than just scuba diving lessons. You’re giving the possibility of so many unforgettable experiences in the future. If that’s not deserving of the best gift-giver title, I don’t know what is.

With PADI eLearning, any adventurer you know can take the first steps towards scuba diving certification. As the most flexible scuba diving lessons available, it’s the perfect gift even for those with the busiest of schedules.

shop padi online scuba diving lessons here



The ultimate in laidback, causal men’s footwear with a distinct West Coast vibe.

SeaVees was originally founded as a footwear division of BF Goodrich – the tire company – in an effort to rethink casual footwear. The brand was sold to Converse, then shuttered for 40 years.

Just like back in the day, SeaVees are carefully crafted in small batches using rubber vulcanization – a time-honor tradition for high-quality sneakers and casual shoes. It’s a tried-and-true sneaker production method with comfort in mind.




Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit

wine master sommelier aroma kit holiday gift ideas

The Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit is on this list because it’s the one thing I wanted to buy myself for Christmas this year, and I still might. It’s not cheap but then again, neither is a great bottle of wine.

This is essentially a kit to make you a better wine taster, but it can work for any spirit (whiskey too). It comes with 88 aromas that are found in red, white, and sparkling wines and the recognition tool helps you identify those aromas in wine so you can know what you’re drinking. this isn’t for everyone but if you appreciate fine wine then this is a really cool holiday gift to consider.

Buy The Master Sommelier Wine Aroma Kit Here



Wild Turkey Master’s Keep One

Wild Turkey Master's Keep One

Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell debuted the Master’s Keep One and the immediate response was Eddie’s father Jimmy Russell aka the ‘Buddha of Bourbon’ would be proud. Together, Eddie and Jimmy have 107 years of experience at Wild Turkey Distilling Co. and this year’s Master’s Keep One harmoniously blends their legacies into a special first for Wild Turkey.

The biggest difference between Eddie and Jimmy’s distilling philosophies is Eddie has embraced modern consumption with older age statements, the importance of barrel placement, and modern aging techniques. While Jimmy’s traditional approach continues to appeal to whiskey connoisseurs worldwide. The Master’s Keep One combines these two philosophies.

Master’s Keep One is Wild Turkey’s first release using toasted-oak barrels to finish the whiskey. It is a blend of bourbons ranging from 9 to 14 years that were batched out and then finished in new toasted-oak and charred barrels that were placed in Tyrone G, Eddie’s favorite rickhouse. The Wild Turkey Master’s Keep One has a price tag of $175 which is on par with previous year’s Master’s Keep releases but I had the chance to crack open this bottle over Thanksgiving and it’s worth every penny.

Shop WIld Turkey Master’s Keep One Here



EPOS Audio H6PRO Gaming Headset

Whether you’re in the market for a new gaming headset yourself or are looking for a great gift this holiday season, the EPOS Audio H6PRO Closed Acoustic Gaming Headset is a no-brainer and available at World Wide Stereo.

EPOS is no stranger to providing quality audio at the highest levels of gaming. In fact, they are the official audio partner of Cloud9, one of the best professional eSports organizations in the world. If the best video game players in the world rely on EPOS, then you can too! And that’s very much the case with the H6PRO Closed Gaming Headset.




YETI Rambler Drinkware

YETI drinkware and hockey players have a lot of in common: Tough as nails, clean up easy, and keep their cool for long periods under pressure, yet able to stay hot for equally as long.

Our kitchen cabinets are stocked with YETI drinkware of all shapes and sizes. They also make fantastic gifts. A few favorites:




George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend

George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend Rye Whiskey


The exceptional George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend marks the first time ever a rye whiskey distilled at Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. has been released to the public. It’s a blend that combines the award-winning Three Chamber Rye from Leopold Bros with a never-before-released traditional column still rye from George Dickel and Cascade Hollow General Manager & Distiller Nicole Austin.

This collab came about when Leopold Bros Distillery Founder and Master Distiller Todd Leopold shared a sample of his Three Chamber Rye with Nicole at Cascade Hollow. He was looking for a partner to collaborate with on a new blend. What came next is the best rye whiskey blend of 2021.

The George Dickel x Leopold Bros Collaboration Blend is only available in select US markets ($109.99). It clocks in at 100-proof. Has sweet hints of maple syrup, cocoa, and marshmallow with some lavender on the nose and blackberries, caramel, and fig on the palate.

Shop George Dickel On Drizly



Fourlaps Activewear

Fourlaps Gives You The Ability To Run And Train Anywhere—A Guide To Cold Weather Running

Whether you’re looking for clothes for the gym or just lounging on the couch to watch football on Sunday, Fourlaps is a label that makes “thoughtfully-designed apparel” with an emphasis on performance and style. Truly activewear for all occasions a guy finds himself in – shorts with and without liners, joggers, everyday pants.

Fourlaps pieces are moisture-wicking fabric and feature 4-way stretch technology, meaning that clothes will fit comfortably every single time.





Gifts For Cigar Lovers

best gifts for men cigar accessories

Buying gifts for cigar lovers is a tricky game because the obvious gift is buying them cigars but the reality is most guys are very particular about the cigars they love so it almost always backfires.

Here we have a collection of some gift ideas for cigar lovers that don’t include any actual cigars. These are accessories that will be well appreciated and put to good use.

Shop Cigar Accessories Here



Best Gifts For Wine Lovers (Wine Accessories)

best gifts for men wine drinking gifts and accessories

While I write primarily about whiskey here at BroBible my true love is red wine. I’ve traveled the globe on wine tasting trips. My house has multiple wine fridges. I’m even in a texting relationship with winery owners who shoot me a text message when they’re shipping wine to Florida to save me money on the cost of shipping.

I say all of that to emphasize that these gift ideas for wine drinkers are all items I either own, have owned, and fully believe in. So go ahead and treat yourself to some new wine gifts.

Shop More Wine Gifts Here



Grunt Style

Grunt Style stands for freedom, attitude, and supporting the men and women who served our country in the Armed Forces, both past and present. These are three core values that every red-blooded human living on American soil can get behind.

A few favorites:




Gifts For Grilling and Cooking

best grilling gift ideas for men accessories

Compiling gift ideas for guys who love grilling or smoking meat is a tricky task these days because the industry has exploded. I’ve tried to lean on a few gift ideas here that you can use in the kitchen as well as on the grill/smoker.

I’ve been absolutely in love with the Meat Church rubs for a while now. They take smoked chicken wings to the next level. And I have that butcher block cutting board at home and it’s incredibly clutch for carving up large pieces of meat like brisket or turkey.

Shop More Grilling/Cooking Gifts Here



Dr. Squatch Bundles 

Time to upgrade that shower game. Dr. Squatch makes some of the best all-natural soap for men shipped directly to your door. Not only does Dr. Squatch get you clean and leave your skin soft as silk, there are some incredible scent collections, including the festive Frosty Peppermint bundle.

A few favorites:




Booker’s Bourbon ‘Bardstown Batch’

Booker's Bourbon Bardstown Batch

When I first heard Booker’s Bourbon was naming their 3rd batch of 2021 ‘Bardstown Batch’ I had a feeling we were in for something special and my intuition is rarely wrong.

Why? Well, If you’re 6th generation Jim Beam Master Distiller Fred Noe who lives in the 200-year-old Bardstown house that his great grandfather, Jim Beam, also lived in then you don’t name your small-batch whiskey after your hometown unless it’s truly worthy of the name. You don’t want to piss off the neighbors, do ya?

  • Aged for 6 years, 5 months, and 0 days
  • Uncut cask strength of 62.75% ABV or 125.5 Proof
  • 8% from 2nd floor of Rackhouse H, 27% from 5th floor of Rackhouse H, 24% 6th-floor Rackhouse D, 11% 5th-floor Rackhouse Z, 19% 5th-floor Rackhouose I, and 11% from 8th floor of Rackhouse J
  • Mature amber color
  • Brown sugar and caramel aromas
  • Caramel to the taste with baking spice and heat
  • Suggested retail price of $89.99 and available in select areas nationwide right now

Shop ReserveBar For Booker’s Bourbon Here



Deejo Knives

Allowing you to take full control of customizing a one-of-a-kind pocket knife, Deejo Knives are the perfect gift for any hard to shop for person in your life.

From the intricate tattoo designs all the way down to the handle composition, Deejo allows you to build a knife personalized to whoever you have in mind. Not only is it a gift that’s truly unique to them, but it’s something functional they can forever add to their everyday carry essentials.




Gifts For Coffee Drinkers

gift ideas for coffee lovers

Coffee drinkers are often very particular about the coffee they drink and how they take their coffee. You can shop gifts for coffee lovers without buying coffee or you can introduce them to some new beans. That’s why we’ve included an array of interesting coffee-based gifts here for coffee lovers.

Shop More Coffee Gifts Here



STIX Golf 

If you’re looking to gift someone, or even yourself, their first set of golf clubs, Stix is the best option out there, point-blank, period. We’re not just saying this either, we reviewed every club in their 14-club set and we were blown away by both the quality and the looks of the clubs.

The Stix Golf 14-club set includes a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-wood, a 4-hybrid, 5-iron through pitching wedge, a gap wedge, sand wedge, and lob wedge, a putter, and a high-quality bag for your new clubs.



Slowtide Surf Ponchos

Surf ponchos have exploded in the past couple years as a new staple for those chilly mornings at the beach. Slowtide is leading the charge with ultra-soft and absorbent ponchos, made from 100% winter-weight cotton. They’re ultra soft and keep you warm and comfortable.

Their collection includes a variety of laidback styles with a distinct West Coast vibe, including an officially licensed collab with the Grateful Dead (pictured above).


  • Ultra soft and absorbent 100% winter-weight cotton terry
  • Makes changing in and out of your wetsuit or swimwear easy, comfortable and warm
  • Kangaroo pocket keeps your hands warm and is built for storage
  • Hidden internal access opening so you can change privately in public
  • Double layer woven hood
  • Snap front placket with drawcords
  • Easy change short sleeve design

Steal your face, not someone else’s wave.





Traeger Ironwood 885 Wood Fire Pellet Grill

Traeger Ironwood 885

BroBible / Cass Anderson

I became a proud owner of the Traeger Ironwood 885 wood fire pellet grill this year and it’s been such a game-changer for me. My first Traeger was the Tailgater and it had enough grill-topo space for a turkey but the Ironwood blows it out of the water.

The WiFire technology allows me to control the temperatures from the golf course while my brisket is smoking at home. It has built-in temperature probe functionality so I can monitor the meat temps at all times. There’s a ‘Super Smoke’ mode that works at the lower temps so I can blast extra smoke flavor into the meat before cranking up the temperature. This truly is the best smoker or grill I’ve ever owned and that’s why I’m recommending it here this year.

Buy The Traeger Ironwood 885 Here


ButcherBox Meat Delivery Subscription

There’s nothing quite like the gift of steaks during the holidays. The great thing about ButcherBox is that it’s so much more than just steak – ButcherBox delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood directly to your door.

You can mix-and-match cuts of meat online, personalizing each box to your liking. The variety of meats to pick from is quite extensive:

  • NY Strip Steaks
  • Filet Mignon
  • Tri Tip
  • Bone-In Chicken Thighs
  • St. Louis Ribs
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Pork Butt
  • Boneless Pork Chops
  • Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon

SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER: Get 1 pack of bacon for free in every order for the life of your membership and save $20 off each box for your first 5 months of membership when you sign up for ButcherBox.





Schott Zwiesel Glasses For Every Occasion

Schott Zwiesel glasses gift ideas every drinking occasion

You can’t beat Schott Zwiesel when it comes to glassware for drinking wine or whiskey. I know this because my cabinets are full of these exact glasses below as they were all on my wedding registry years ago. Amazon doesn’t allow us to list the prices of these items but all of the glasses listed here are in sets (4 or 6 glasses) and the prices will reflect that.

Shop Schott Zwiesel Glasses Here



Brooks Brothers Best of the Season

best brooks brothers men's gift ideas

I’ll call out the first Brooks Brothers two pieces here specifically because I’m enamored by these timeless pieces that are just as stylish now as they were in generations past, the Wool-Blend Buffalo Check Shirt Jacket and Merino Shawl Collar Cardigan.

Here we have six pieces from Brooks Brothers’ Winter collection. Some of these items are currently on sale, some of them are available in an array of colors (like the sweaters), and they’ll ship straight to your front door if you get your order in soon.

Shop Brooks Brothers Men’s Winter Here



Zee.Dog Air Leash + Air Mesh Harnesses

Zee.Dog was founded with one major purpose: to connect dogs and people. With products designed for you and your dog, you can vibe in unison walking down the street.

Experience a smooth walk like never before with the 5ft Zee.Dog Airleash. Features Flowtex™, a proprietary elastic webbing technology that absorbs the impact of any pulling from your dog

The Air Mesh Harnesses are super soft for your dog’s fur and allow air to flow through so your dog stays cool too. Built with a 4-point locking system, Zee.Dog’s harnesses are made with added safety.

Save up to 70% Off harnesses, leashes, and collars for your favorite furry friend via Zee.Dog.




6 of the Best Lululemon Items For Men

lululemon gift ideas for men

I personally own all six of these pieces from lululemon and stamp them with my 100% seal of approval. The Lululemon At Ease Hoodie is my all-time favorite hoodie and the Lululemon Navigation Stretch Down Vest is the best vest I’ve ever owned.

The beauty of these pieces is they are all designed to look normal for everyday wear but they’re also high-performance so you can work out and travel in them if you choose to. The ABC pants are perfect for the golf course!

Shop Best-Selling Lululemon Men’s Gear Here



collectiblexchange Sports Memorabilia

Brandon Steiner’s new company, CollectibleXchange, is a collectibles and memorabilia marketplace backed by the highest levels of ethics and authenticity. They offer a diverse product selection that caters not only to sports fans, but also to those who love pop culture, entertainment, and even general history.

SHOP NOW via Collectiblexchange.com



MEATER Plus Smart Meat Thermometer

Your tailgating experience is about to change forever thanks to the MEATER Plus, the world’s first leave-in thermometer with a completely water-resistant stainless steel design. Meat thermometers are nothing new, but the MEATER Plus is a more tech-friendly version as it syncs to your smartphone. Using the companion app (compatible with iOS and Android), you can target optimal temperature and check remaining cook time, in addition to a whole bunch of other cooking suggestions.

It’s the ultimate way to level-up your meat game.




Best Gifts For Men Who Are Hard To Shop For

gift ideas hard to shop for guys

Some guys are impossible to shop for because they’re picky. And there are times when you are shopping for a gift for someone you barely know. That’s where this roundup of gift ideas for guys who are hard to shop for comes into play because they’re random enough to be perfect.

Shop More Gift IDeas For Picky Guys Here



Faherty Epic Quilted Fleece CPO

Faherty’s Quilted Fleece CPO is a modern take on a timeless silhouette. The CPO Jacket (“Chief Petty Officer” Jacket) is a military garment that’s been around for nearly 100 years.

Faherty opted for a soft fleece and sewed the jacket with a quilted pattern to (1) make the jacket warmer and softer, and (2) make it easier to pair with more casual, West Coast-inspired outfits.

Pair this CPO Jacket with a pair of Faherty’s Utility Pants and a white t-shirt.




Randolph Engineering Sunglasses

Randolph Engineering isn’t your typical sunglass brand; They’ve been the official supplier of aviator sunglasses to the U.S. Military for the past 42 years. Randolph 100% manufactures its sunglasses in the United States; each frame is meticulously handcrafted at their shop in Randolph, Massachusetts using a 200-step process.

Their shades have been worn by Uncle Sam’s fighter pilots since the 1970s, first producing their iconic HGU-4/P Aviator for fighter pilots. To this day, each Randolph frame is still built to the strict guidelines of MIL-S-25948 standards.




Best Gifts For Men: Watches From $99 to $3,500

gift ideas best men's watches

Here we have six of the best men’s watches for gifting this year and they are listed in ascending price from $99 on up to $3,500. I 100% expect anyone who is serious about spending on a way to click through to learn more about each timepiece so I won’t bore you with the details on each of them here. Check ’em out and choose your favorite!

Shop More Men’s Watches Here



Short Par 4

Short Par 4, the popular golf subscription service, is committed to outfitting golfers in stylish and comfortable apparel and accessories to allow them to focus less on what to wear, and more on how to tell your buddy that you’re done using your seven iron as a machete to find his errant tee shot.

All you have to do is select your membership and take a quiz on your golf style to figure out what best suits what you’re looking for – all delivered to your door.

From casual and modern to sharp and sophisticated, Short Par 4 packages with new and seasoned brands are specifically designed for you. 




Best Gifts For Men: Rugged Boots and Sneakers

best leather boots and shoes gift ideas

Leather boots and shoes can be worn all year long but many people associate them with Fall and Winter. The ones featured here are work boots, everyday boots, and some stylish sneakers to fit your needs. But they are selling out in the most common sizes so be sure to act fast!

Shop More Boots and Shoes Here



Urban Armour Gear

Urban Armour Gear makes some of the toughest phone cases out there. Their best-selling cases are rugged, yet slim and form-fitting, and they meet military drop-test standards that gurantee a high level of shock protection.




6 Keychains and Pocket Tools

gift ideas keychains and pocket tools

The best gift ideas are ones that actually get used. Here we have six keychains and pocket tools that are affordable, small enough to be stocking stuffers, and are tools that guys will use each and every day but also tools that most guys never think to buy as a gift for themselves.

Shop More Everyday Carry Accessories Here



Vineyard Vines

vineyard vines ins’t just a clothing company — it’s a lifestyle. Cliché, I know. But ask anyone you know who rocks the pink whales. Chances are they’ve got more than just one piece from vineyard vines. And once you feel the super soft cotton of their tees or experience the performance fabric of their jackets, there won’t be a doubt in your mind.

Have an uncle who loves boating and just needs the clothes to match it? vineyard vines has it covered. Your nephew entering his first year at a new high school? Give him the confidence he needs by decking him out in vineyard vines.

Jackets, hoodies, polos, pants and more…




Hypervolt Go Massage Gun

gift ideas Hypervolt Go massage gun

If you think this is an odd selection for a men’s holiday gift guide then the only explanation is you’ve never picked one up before. I didn’t know what the massage gun hype was about until I got the Hypervolt Go last year and it has been an absolute revelation.

After one day of owning the Hypervolt Go I felt so good I went out and ran a 10K on a Saturday after having biked 25 miles the day before. It was a miracle worker with recovery for me. If you exercise at all or whoever you’re shopping for does then check this one out.

Buy the Hypervolt GO Massage Gun Here



MYX Fitness

The MYX II by MYX Fitness is taking home workouts up a level. Putting a focus on heart rate improvement, MYXfitness aims to minimize your risk of fatigue and overwork. That way you can better avoid injury and continue making steady strides towards your goals.

A professional-grade stationery bike featuring a heart rate monitor and a sleek, interactive touchscreen tablet, the MYX II is a complete home gym. Delivering 1-on-1 coaching, MYX trainers guide you to achieve your specific goals. And with workouts of all types, including strength training, rides, yoga, HIIT, and more, everyone in the family can start riding!

BUY NOW – THE myx ii



TravisMathew Cloud Collection

Not to overstate things, but the TravisMathew CLOUD HOODIE 4.0 is the MOST comfortable hoodie you’ll ever wear. Made with the iconic plush, fleece fabric of TravisMathew’s Cloud Collection, this drawstring hoodie is as comfortable and stylish as it gets.

buy the cloud hoodie 4.0



Thoughtfully DIY Hot Sauce Making Kit

hot sauce making kit DIY gift ideas

The best gifts are the ones you love to get and give. That’s the beauty of this easy DIY hot sauce kit. You can whip up all sorts of hot sauces from scratch with easy-to-follow recipes and all of the ingredients necessary, and you can gift some of the hot sauces to friends and family.

Buy This DIY Hot Sauce Kit Here



COSORI Premium Food Dehydrator For Making Beef Jerky

beef jerky machine food dehydrator

One of my favorite things growing up was when my mom would bust out the food dehydrators and make homemade beef jerky. No jerky has ever tasted as good as my mom’s beef jerky but that hasn’t stopped me from spending years trying to track down more great beef jerky until I eventually realized I could be making it at home.

The COSORI Premium Food Dehydrator can be used to make jerky, dry out peppers for spices, and dry out fruit to make your own trail mix. It’s an excellent gift for anyone who likes spending time in the kitchen and already has a ton of trinkets and is looking for their next fun tool. Making jerky really is incredibly easy as long as you have the right tools

Buy The Food Dehydrator / Beef Jerky Maker Here



MOFT Phone + Laptop Stands

Want to work from a coffee shop for the day? What about your local brewery? Traveling for work? Set up a traveling workstation.

MOFT’s accessories are made with premium materials to ensure your workstation stays minimalist in nature while protecting your expensive devices.

MOFT makes it so individuals can take their devices and comfortably set up shop anywhere.




Nebia By Moen Quattro

The Nebia by Moen Quattro is a revolutionary high-pressure shower head that saves water. By swapping out a standard showerhead for the Nebia by Moen Quattro, one can save a whopping 50% in water consumption – with no sacrifice to the performance of the showerhead itself.




Best Gifts For Men Who Love Fishing

best fishing gifts for men gear and accessories

Do you love fishing? Do you have someone in your life who loves fishing? Then you’ve come to the right place. The baits listed below are for saltwater fishing but they’re guaranteed to catch more fish and the fishing rods + other gear will make perfect gifts for freshwater or saltwater fishermen.

Shop More Fishing Gear Here



VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder

VSSL makes premium outdoor gear that looks as good as it works. One of VSSL’s top products is their JAVA Coffee Grinder. It’s the perfect gift for those who love camping and hiking.

All you have to do is pop up the top by pressing the button, load the whole beans in, close it, and start turning the lever.





It’s time to upgrade to the Lawn Mower 4.0 – the ultimate groin and body trimmer. It’s waterproof, so you can take it in the shower, complete with ith an IPX7 rating to handle dry or wet conditions.

Score 20% off via Manscaped.com




Ridge Wallet

The Ridge Wallet is a tactical RFID-blocking wallet. It’s modern and minimalist, yet holds between 1-12 cards (credit cards, IDs, insurance, gift cards, etc) without stretching out. It’s engineered for an active lifestyle.

And, yes, there are sturdy side clips to securely hold your cash in place.




Salt Life Must-Haves For 2022

best Salt Life gift ideas

I see so many Salt Life bumper stickers here in Florida that I don’t even notice them anymore. It’s a way of life in the Sunshine State and many other places in the USA. This collection of Salt Life gear is her to help fill out that obsession beyond repping a bumper sticker on the F-150.

Shop More Salt Life Gifts Here



Bowflex Home Gym Equipment

Bowflex Amazon Sale

Bowflex has been going wild with sales on Amazon. They won’t last forever. Home gym equipment sells out fast, anyone who has tried to buy it over the past few years knows this. We have a full roundup of sales on the site including those ones featured above.

Shop Bowflex Home Gym Sales Here



NFL Floormats For Keeping The Car Clean

NFL team floor mats gift ideas for sports fans

The NFL season is only 17 games long (and the playoffs) but being a football fan lasts all year long. These carpeted floor mats are here to keep the car clean and flex our favorite NFL teams every day of the year. Some of the best gifts for men are the ones they never expect and who would expect to open these?

Each set comes with front and rear mats and they are customizable to every team. The beauty of this gift is it’s something that guys won’t think to buy themselves but they’ll pretty much all appreciate it because it keeps the car clean.

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