Great Ideas In History: This Four-Door Corvette That’s On Sale For $213K

1980 Four-Door Corvette For Sale


A 1980 four-door Chevrolet Corvette is currently up for sale at a price of over $213,000. Seriously. This is not a joke. Well, the car is, but it’s also real.

I believe this is one of the seven signs that the world is about to come to an end.

When I heard about this abomination I simply had to learn more so I did a little googling and here are some of the words and phrases various automotive publications used to describe this four-door Corvette in their headlines…

Heretical, Can’t Be Unseen, No Joke, Is A Thing, With The Family In Mind, and What?

Oh, you want to see this thing? Okay, but you’ve been warned, you can’t unsee it.

What… the f**k?

Acording to the car’s listing on NBS Auto Showroom, where there are more pictures and the asking price is $213,320 (a nice round number), this 1980 four-door Corvette has 20,000 miles on it, a 350-ci engine, and is an automatic.

Up for sale is a 1980 factory original 4 door Chevrolet Corvette only 6 of these beauties were built one being a prototype and 3 others were either totaled or crashed here are only 2 left in existence.

Umm, for about one-fourth that price I can own one of these 2019 models…

2019 corvette


Although, I suppose if you wait long enough you can get a better deal on that four-door bad boy. On November 6th, the price was $217,203. And on November 8th, it was $214,884. So seeing as it’s now $213,320 on November 14th, the waiting game seems like the best plan of action here.

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