3 iPhone Essentials No Bro Should Leave Home Without

What’s the saying, bros? ‘New Year, New You’ or something like that? I guess that can mean any number of things. It could mean that you’re no longer gonna get blacked out every Tuesday night on ‘Penny Pitchers’ night at the Irish Pub down the street, or it could mean that this is the year you finally stop letting your phone dying, the year that you can finally walk into a bar or restaurant and the first thing you do isn’t ask the bartender to borrow their iPhone charger, instead you can just order a drink.

With these 3 iPhone essentials/gadgets you bros will ensure that 1) your iPhone is always protected and 2) your iPhone is always charged…Now let’s check out the gear:

ThinCharge iPhone 6/6S Battery Case: Get 200% Battery Charge With One Of The World’s Thinnest Battery-Charging Cases

Don’t choose between a slim phone and a big battery case, opt for the best of both worlds. With the ThinCharge Case, you won’t have to fumble for your charging cable—simply hit one button to charge up on-the-go. It’s even the same size as a normal phone case, so you can slip it into your pocket or bag without the extra weight of a traditional battery case weighing you down.

— 200% of your battery life when you’re on the go
— One-button push to activate the battery
— LED indicator lights notify you when its charging
— Slim profile juices your phone without extra bulk
— Rounded edges protect from drops & scratches
— Pass-through charging automatically charges your iPhone first & then the case when plugged in w/ — your existing Lightning cable
— Cut outs for speaker & camera allow you to fully use your phone without taking the case off


iSafe Drive Lite (32GB): The First Ever MFi-Certified Storage Drive Built Specially for Your iOS Devices!

iSafe Drive Lite is the first MFI-certified, ultra-high-speed drive to safely store 32GB of data and employ the same encryption used by the US federal government. It’s the fastest and easiest way to transfer between your computer (Mac or PC) and your iOS devices. Since it’s a two-way transfer device, you can swap out music and contacts between your phone and desktop. Better yet, you can stream movies and songs directly from the drive without eating up data. Making this gadget a road trip dream come true.

— Quickly transfer videos, music & more between your iOS devices and computers
— Back up your important files
— Keep your data private w/ AES 256 bit encryption
— Stream movies & music without using the internal storage of your laptop or iPhone
— Transfer data between your iOS device & computer at a rate of 8MB per second
— Forgo storing you data in the cloud
— Slip it in your pocket thanks to it’s small size
— Enjoy its environmentally-friendly recyclable aluminum shell


‘ExoMount Touch’ Universal Car Mount: Drive Smarter w/ the Safest Way to Use Your Phone on the Road

You won’t need to think twice about going hands-free on the road with Exomount’s easy-to-use car mount. It mounts your smartphone so easily, you literally only need one hand to quickly secure your phone in the perfect position and get driving. Don’t risk a ticket, use the world’s best suction technology to effortlessly mount and unmount your phone on the go.

— Attaches & releases your smartphone with one touch
— Mounts to any flat, smooth, textured, curved, or rounded surface
— Attaches to more than just the car; use on a desk or wall
— Easily rotates & swivels 360 degrees
— Sleek & clean design
— Installs in less than a minute
— Washable & reusable suction cup
— Works w/ a wide-range of devices