Antonio Brown Goes Sneaker Shopping In Miami And Talks About The Sickest Shoes On The Planet

Antonio Brown

Complex / YouTube

I can’t really explain it but I’m endlessly fascinated by pro athletes and their over-the-top sneaker collections, and gaining insight into what they look for when they go shopper for high-end/rare sneakers. Wide receiver Antonio Brown might play football in Pittsburgh but he lives in Miami in a 12-bedroom mansion that even has a synagogue inside of it (he’s not Jewish, he just has one in the home). Living in Miami Beach means you have to be dressed to the nines

A few weeks ago, Antonio Brown let Complex into his home to tour his closet and check out his private sneaker collection. Earlier this week, Antonio hooked up with Complex again but this time he met Joe La Puma at Miami’s exclusive Kith sneaker shop to go shopping for some new kicks. Here we get to see what Antonio looks for when he’s sneaker shopping, and he also opens up about his friendship with Odell Beckham Jr., and other parts of his personal life:

I’ve said this many times here on BroBible but I just cannot fathom every buying myself sneakers that are even a fraction of the cost of what these guys spend on a single pair. The most I’ve spent on shoes is around $700 and that was on a bespoke pair of Italian leather dress shoes. Dropping more than that on sneakers that I’m just going to get dirty is unfathomable to me.

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