There Is Now An App That Removes iPhone X’s Notch

The brand new Apple iPhone X has a beautiful OLED screen that nearly covers the entire front of the handset except for a small portion of the top display. This area houses several sensors and a speaker and is known as the “notch.” Some people hate the notch. Some people hate the notch so much that there is a demand for an app that removes the notch. Because of that hatred, we now have an app that eliminates the notch.

Apple has approved an app called the “Notch Remover” by Axiem Systems. The app doesn’t actually remove the notch, but it hides the notch with a black bar at the top of the iPhone X. The app costs $0.99, but it should be noted that the notch is hidden only at the top of the iPhone X’s home and lock screens. So while on other screens the notch will reappear.

The app was approved by Apple, but in the company’s interface guidelines for app creators, they blatantly tell developers to embrace the notch. “Don’t mask or call special attention to key display features,” the guide says. “Don’t attempt to hide the device’s rounded corners, sensor housing, or indicator for accessing the Home screen by placing black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. Don’t use visual adornments like brackets, bezels, shapes, or instructional text to call special attention to these areas, either.”

This is the same unique rounded black cutout at the top of the iPhone X screen that Samsung trolled Apple in a new commercial for the Galaxy Note 8. Speaking of the iPhone X’s screen, here are some tips to alter your screen so that your battery lasts for days.