Fashion Retailer ASOS Baffles The Internet, Gets Mocked For Selling Fake, Non-Functional Wireless Earbuds

Fashion Brand ASOS Is Selling Fake Non-Functional Wireless Earbuds


Brands, as I mentioned with regard to Corn Nuts on Tuesday, will seemingly do anything these days to draw attention to themselves.

The question today, however, is, “Is online fashion retailer ASOS serious with these fake, completely non-functional wireless earbuds, or are they just trolling us?”

The reason I am forced to ask this question is because, you know… fashion. What you or I think is stupid is oftentimes just the latest trend in fashion. Remember when people were snapping up pairs of glasses with no lenses in them? Yeah

Also, ASOS is no stranger to introducing odd products under the guise of fashion – crop tops for men is just one example.

Here are a few more…

So yeah, maybe, just maybe these completely worthless fake wireless earbuds are actually… a thing?

Heck, for just £6.00 ($7.38 US) I might have to snag a pair for myself.

I mean they have a silver-tone finish, yo. (It’s actually zinc.)

I just can’t think of when or where would be the proper occasion to wear them. Any thoughts?

Oh, right… interent. Maybe I can find some suggestions on there.

Hmmm… no help so far.

Ah, okay, it’s a “millennial style symbol.” Makes total sense now. Still buying them.