Atari Is Working On A Brand New Video Game Console

by 3 years ago

Someone please tell the fine folks over at Atari that the current year is 2017 because I think they are befuddled and believe it is 1984. That is because Atari is making a new video game console. The new gaming console will be called Ataribox. Not exactly original. The classic video game company teased the new gaming console with a mysterious video that doesn’t reveal much other than it may have a wood-grain finish.

Atari’s CEO Fred Chesnais told VentureBeat the classic gaming company is “back in the hardware game.” The company set up a new website at

From VentureBeat:

Chesnais declined to describe a lot of details about the console. But he said it is based on PC technology. He said Atari is still working on the design and will reveal it at a later date.

Chesnais said that Atari’s revival is well under way. Atari filed for bankruptcy protection in 2013, but Chesnais bought it and pledged to make it great again. The company is now profitable, and it is engaged in making mobile games. It is licensing its brands more widely, such as licensing its Atari name for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049 movie.

Will the Ataribox be an actual new console of just another emulation box? The last console that the company released was the Atari Jaguar way, way, way back in 1993. The gaming landscape is almost unrecognizable compared to back then. The big question is if this shit is gonna be backwards compatiable so I can play Dig Dug?


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