Tap Into Your Car’s Computer And Unlock Hidden Data With This Adaptor That Transmits Everything To Your Phone

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Automatic Labs

The fact of the matter is the internal computer in your car captures and tracks A LOT more data than you’ll ever have access to without some sort of adaptor like the one below. This smartphone-car adaptor from Automatic Labs allows you to tap into your car’s computer and track things like fuel efficiency, crash data, brake warnings, and a whole lot more…It’s essentially a modern day smart driving assistant that looks after you on the road, check out the video:


Automatic Labs


Automatic Labs


Automatic Labs


Automatic Labs

The average American spends 279 hours/year driving. It’s time you snag the technology to complement such a massive part of your life. From tracking fuel efficiency, trip costs, and driving habits to alerting you when you’re over the speed limit, this dashboard plugin is the answer. Get instant engine health analysis, and free over-air firmware upgrades. And with a huge range of integratable apps, you’ll soon completely change your relationship with your car for the better.

— Keep your car’s data private w/ 128-bit AES encryption
— Detect collisions & automatically get help in a crash
— Update your car w/ free, regular updates
— Analyze a Check Engine notification through the app w/o going to a mechanic
— Coach your teen driver w/ audio speed & hard-braking warnings
— Track your car’s fuel efficiency & save trips to the tank
— Log your trips directly to Google Drive or Evernote
— Integrate w/ a wide variety of apps for business, convenience, safety & performance including IFTTT, Amazon Echo, Nest & many more

Click Here TO Buy Your Automatic Connected Car Adaptor Today For Only $89.95 (Typically Retails For $100)

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