Finally Hosting Backyard BBQs Is The One Thing Every Man Should Be Stoked About Doing This Summer

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  • It doesn’t get anymore American than backyard BBQs, and we’re giving you some tips on how to make yours the best this summer
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There’s lots to look forward to this summer now that we’re slowly getting back to normal. From going to Happy Hours, to ditching masks when safe, we’re finally starting to see the end of this pandemic. And one thing I’m personally excited about is the same thing every guy should be pumped for: Backyard BBQs.

When it comes to summer, it doesn’t get any better than firing up the grill and hosting a bunch of close friends/family with loads of food. That’s why it’s time to stock up and get yourself prepped for plenty of months eating all the meat.

To help you do just that, there’s Crowd Cow.

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Backyard BBQ Essentials

Before calling all your buddies over to scarf down a bunch of food and down some drinks, you need to know what you’re doing. So take these backyard BBQ tips below to make sure you have the best summer get-together.

Stock The Fridge With Crowd Cow Meat

C’mon now, you cannot plan on firing up the grill and not have all sorts of meat from Crowd Cow. Whether you’re looking for chicken, steak, fish, pork or something else, you can serve up the most delicious (and freshest) pieces of meat to all your guests. And with an insane deal that brings incredible deals from June 29 – July 30 by using the code ‘COOKOUT’, now’s the time to get all the goods.

Remember To Prep Everything

Besides loading up on grub, prepping the food is probably the most important thing to remember before hosting a backyard BBQ. That includes marinating the meat. It meats cutting the veggies. It means filling every cooler with ice. The last thing you want to do as a host is stay too busy to actually enjoy your company, so remember to get done what you can prior to the first guest coming over.

Try A New Recipe

Not everyone’s a grillmaster, which is OK. But one of the best parts about being the chef is getting a little creative with the tongs, spatula and ingredients. That means trying a few new recipes as BBQ season hits us — because nothing’s worse than having the same exact meal every single time the grill’s fired up.

Never Run Out Of Booze

You’ve got the meat. You’ve prepped everything. You know what recipe you’re going to try. Now all that’s left is stocking the fridge and coolers with a bunch of booze. Good company requires good drinks, and nothing tastes better than a cold beer with the finest quality meat — so don’t forget to buy a couple extra cases of your favorite brews to avoid a mini disaster.

Use the code ‘COOKOUT’ for serious saving between NOW – July 9, 2021


Crowd Cow Review

After discovering that many friends of the co-founders were purchasing meat directly from farms and not over-the-counter at grocery stores, Crowd Cow became an idea that turned into a (successful) business. Today, the brand operates with the top-notch ranchers to offer the best Angus and Wagyu, among plenty of other meats to choose from.

With a mission to deliver high-quality food with a direct connection between the farmer and the customer, the brand understands why its meat just tastes better than others out there. That’s just one of the many reasons why I consider it one of the best meat delivery services available.

Use the code ‘COOKOUT’ for serious saving between NOW – July 9, 2021


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