‘Balcony Beer Bong’ Has An 18-Foot Hose So ONLY Check This Out If You’ve Got Balls (29% Off)

Do you really need a beer bong with a hose long enough to reach the second-floor balcony? HELL YES YOU DO. Nothing’s worth doing unless you’re willing to go to the extreme, and the ‘Balcony Beer Bong’ with an 18-foot hose and on/off valve is precisely that. As I mentioned in the headline this badass beer funnel’s also on sale today ($24 on Amazon, usually $34) so there’s no better time to buy, now let’s check it out:

— 18-foot-long drinking hose
— On/Off valve so no beer goes wasted
— Rooftop Drinking Re-Imagined?!
— Crown Yourself Frat King!
— Item comes in red or blue, chosen at random.

Purchase Today: $24.39 (Usually $34.15)

It’s certainly preferable to these, right?


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