25 Unique Groomsmen Gifts Under $50 For 2018



A lot of grooms think that they need to spend an absolute fortune on the perfect gift for their groomsmen when that shouldn’t be the case. Groomsmen are your bros. If you gave them a gift that completely sucked, it wouldn’t matter — they’re still your bros. That said, nobody wants to give a gift that sucks or something generic like a personalized ____. We’ve taken some time to think outside the box for you, so here’s a list of the 21 Best Groomsmen Gifts for $50 or Less. We know that choosing perfect and unique groomsmen gifts can be a hassle so we’re here to stop you from making mistakes.

25 Of The Best Groomsmen Gifts Under $50 For 2018


HydroFlask 10oz Double Wall Vacuum Whiskey Rocks Glass Tumbler

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50


For my money, this 10oz double wall vacuum rocks glass tumbler from HydroFlask is the single best groomsmen gift idea there is. This is the perfect size tumbler to drink whiskey on the rocks and that means your groomsmen can use this gift while you are all taking photos and getting ready for the wedding. It’s ideal for keeping ice frozen which means it makes the perfect Summer glass to drink outside. Truly, everything about this makes it a perfect groomsmen gift and I could go on all day talking about why this is the item you should choose but I’ll let you make that decision for yourself.

Buy: $29


C01 Civilian Wallet

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50


The C01 Civilian Wallet from Dango Products is one of our favorite slim wallets every built. Its minimalist profile makes it perfect if you carry your pocket in your front pocket. This makes a perfect groomsmen gift because guys are often set in their ways and hesitant about buying themselves new things. This stylish leather minimalist wallet will immediately upgrade your bro’s lives.

Buy: $49


Monogrammed Pocket Knife

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50


A monogrammed pocket knife makes for the absolute perfect groomsmen gift because guys love knives, guys can always use another tool, and it’s a personalized gift that will last. With these monogrammed pocket knives you can choose your own wording/dates/etc to have them say whatever you want. You can add the nicknames for your bros and make them fun.

Buy: $15


Arctic Zone Titan 30-Can Cooler Tote

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

Arctic Zone

Why not choose a groomsmen gift that your bros can use on the day of your wedding and years into the future? This 30-can cooler tote holds 30 beers, as the name implies. It’s leakproof and reinforced throughout so that it stays in perfect condition over time. Your groomsmen are going to love this gift and it won’t break the bank.

Buy: $29


8oz Leather And Stainless Still Primo Flask

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50


A hip flask is the quintessential groomsmen gift. No list of the best groomsmen gift ideas would be complete without at least one flask. This flask is one of the highest rated on Amazon with 4.7 out of 5 stars and nearly 400 customer reviews. You can even put a cherry on top and fill it up with the spirit of your choice for the wedding day (if you like).

Buy: $20


Silver Plated American Flag Cufflinks

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

Classic Cufflinks

These stylish silver plated American flag cufflinks can be worn at the wedding or they can be a gift for groomsmen to wear in the future. The silver plating works really on this set of cufflinks as an accent piece for the overall look.

Buy: $39


Bamboo Monogrammed Grilling BBQ Set

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50


Bros love grilling and this monogrammed BBQ set is a thoughtful groomsmen gift that your guys are going to love. The personalization comes free and this will bring you in $12 under budget. Each set includes a spatula, tongs, and grilling fork.

Buy: $38


Copper Wine Bottle Opener

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50


A wedding day is a cause for celebration and one aspect of that means drinking more than a few bottles of wine/champagne/beer. A classy wine opener is something most guys will never buy for themselves and that’s precisely the reason that this is on our list of the best groomsmen gifts under $50.

Buy: $13


Cigar Humidor

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

Cigar smoking is typically associated with manly celebrations. It might not be great for your health, but there’s something to be said about smoking a cigar during a significant moment in your life with your bros. For those that don’t know, a humidor is a useful box that stores your cigars in an environment that will keep them fresh. It’s more of a niche item, but even if your bro doesn’t smoke all that often, a humidor makes a great display.

Buy: $29


Credit Card-Sized Toolkit

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

Credit card tool perfect for someone that doesn’t want to carry around a pocket knife. At just 1.4 ounces, you won’t even notice this little guy hanging out in your wallet. The tools included in this kit are: bottle opener, can opener, 2-inch serrated blade, 8x power lens, compass, ruler, toothpick, and tweezers. The most useful tool in his kit is definitely the serrated blade — actually, maybe it’s the bottle opener. Nobody ever has a bottle opener lying around when you need one.

Buy: $12


Viking Cup Horn Tankard / Das Boot Beer Mug

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

You’re probably familiar with Das Boot because of the movie Beerfest, but its history goes back at least 150 years. Capable of holding a liter of beer, this is the perfect budget gift for a beer enthusiast. There’s a trick to drinking out of Das Boot and you’ll get a real kick out of watching your friends try to figure it out.

Now, if you’re looking for something with a little more history than Das Boot, consider buying your groomsmen a Viking horn tankard. The mug holds 16oz of beer (1 Pint) and is a perfect replica of a medieval style drinking horn. The mugs are quirky to look at, but I’ll be damned if you don’t feel like a man as beer drips onto your beer as you chug a pint out of a Viking horn.

Buy the Viking Cup here or the Das Boot Beer Mug here


Rail Spike bottle opener

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

Every bro needs a bottle opener, but it’s hard to find a unique one that isn’t just a tacky knick-knack. Boy, do we have Northern Crescent Iron makes a variety of knives, household items, dice, key chains, and bottle openers out of railroad spikes. It’s bad ass. There’s no better way to open a beer feeling like a man than to do it with a railroad spike. Unless, of course, you’ve mastered the art of opening a beer on a table.

Buy: $25


Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

It’s not as lame as it sounds. There are a number of books that are both informative and humorous. Below are a few books that you could buy for your groomsmen if you want to help them transition into manhood (if they aren’t married yet).

How to be a man: The ultimate clothing and etiquette guide for men of all generations. Price: $8.00

How to Live with a Huge Penis: An inspiring self-help book to help men cope being born with a penis of ridiculous proportions. Price: $12

Diseases Caused by Masturbation: Originally published in 1760 by Dr Samuel-Auguste Tissot, this book (thought to be fact at the time) focuses on the negative effects of masturbation on both the mind and the body. For example, “masturbation causes young persons to assume the air and the diseases of the aged; they become pale, stupid, effeminate, idle, weak, and even void of understanding…” Yeah, okay Dr Samuel-Auguste Tissot. Buy: $8.99

Images You Should not Masturbate To: “This deceptively simple and strangely addictive book presents a laugh-out-loud collection of random pictures virtually guaranteed to dampen the urge of even the strongest libido.” Challenge accepted. Price: $9.26

The Art of Manliness: Citing examples from famous manly men such as Theodore Roosevelt, the authors of this book have compiled every piece of advice or pro tip you or your bros will need on the journey to becoming a man. Examples include how to: give a man hug, predict the weather like a frontiersman, give a dynamic speech, shave like your grandpa, and help your friend with a problem. Price: $11.55


Drinking Board Games 

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

Board games are a great way to spice up any quiet night with your friends. Originally, it was seen as somewhat lame to get together with your friends and have a few drinks while playing board games. It was a niche thing to do, restricted to board game enthusiasts — but board game sales are on the rise. Check out some of these games to see if there’s one that you want to try with your bros. My personal favorite is Drunk Stoned or Stupid.

Out of commission: ‘Out of Commission’ is a race through three layers of the map to reach the finish line. Some spaces tell you to drink, others make you draw a ‘mystery card’ where you have to perform a daunting task (like a lap dance or answer an embarrassing question). If two players land on the same spot, they have to have a face-off, where the players go head to head in a competition (like who has the bigger butt). Price: $24.99


Drunk Stoned or Stupid: The game is simple. Each round, one person declares themselves the Judge, and reads aloud one of the cards in the deck. The remaining members of the group get to accuse each other who fits the card the best. The judge then gets to decide who deserves the card. The first person to have get 7 cards loses. A few examples of the cards are most likely to: call dibs on people at parties, shame people for going to bed, trash talk at the special olympics, and use daddy’s credit card. This game is not for people that take things too personally. Price: $18.00

Drinking Roulette: It’s pretty much roulette but you have to take a shot if your number comes up. Price: $13


Home Brewing Kit

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under $50

Another great gift for a beer fanatic. A lot of guys dream of being able to brew their own beer, just because they want to see if they could create something on par with the greats. While it can be expensive to craft your own beer with the finest equipment out there, for someone who just wants to dabble in homebrewing this kit is the perfect gift.

This kit includes everything you need, which includes: 2 gallon (16 pints)  keg that is modeled after the design of professional brewing equipment, two brewing extracts (Grand Bohemian Czech Pilsner and Aztec Mexican Cerveza) to brew 4 gallons of beer,  11 25oz shatterproof reusable bottles, and pre-measured carbonation drops to help the rookie brewer.

Buy: $49


TRUFF Hot Sauce

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

Hot sauce as a groomsmen gift? Why the heck not?! TRUFF Hot Sauce has taken the hot sauce industry by storm. It combines the perfect flavors of black truffle oil with the spicy heat of a hot sauce. TRUFF Hot Sauce is a unique groomsmen gift that your bros will never see coming but they’re going to absolutely love this.

Buy: $15


Epic Bloody Mary ‘Tree Branch’ Garnish Holder

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50


If you want to step up your Bloody Mary game at home you need to start with these Tree Branch garnishes which enable you to hold every type of item underneath the sun. This will make pre-gaming the wedding all sorts of fun because you can set up a ridiculously awesome Bloody Mary bar.

Buy: $18


Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer X Multi-Tool

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

Knives aren’t just for boy scouts. As previously mentioned, just about everyone can benefit from having a multitool on them at all times. The Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer X Multi-Tool is a reliable kit that comes highly regarded. It includes a blade, large scissors, reamer, punch can opener, 3mm screwdriver, 5mm screwdriver, bottle opener, wire stripper, and a key ring. It’s a great gift that can be part of a larger groomsmen package if needed. But if you want to give them a knife that will make their balls drop, check out this list of knives you can buy for under $50 (link to knife article).

Buy: $32



Personalized Bobbleheads

Best Groomsmen Gifts Under 50

‘Nuff said.

Buy: $5 – $90

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