5 Do-It-All Headphones That Will Take Your Workout (And Life, Really) To The Next Level

Headphones are a necessity in the gym, on the court, and even in the pool. People who work out without music or other audible entertainment are psychopaths, and everybody knows it. The problem is that vigorous activity and sweat can rip earbuds out of your head, and over-ear headphones are just heat-stroke inducing sweat pockets. Here are the best gym-ready headphones for all of us. They’re durable, comfortable, and feature top level sound quality.

Best All-Around Workout Headphones For Men: Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones

Bros, this is the best hundred bucks I have ever spent. Bose absolutely knocked it out of the park with the SoundSport series: as far as I’m concerned, these earbuds are the best on the market for the gym. First off, they sound fantastic. Bose uses what they call TriPort technology to deliver clean sound that’s noticeably better than the buds your iPhone came with. The main selling point for me is that they WILL NOT fall out of your ear. They don’t uncomfortably penetrate your ear canal like some other options on the market; they barely go into your ear at all. Instead, Bose developed a soft ridge that hugs the natural curve of your ear, securing the buds in place for whatever kind of psycho Crossfit regimen you’re doing right now.

Buy It Here: $89


The Best Wireless Headphones For Exercise: Jaybird X2 Wireless

I’m guilty of headphone-stripping myself in the middle of a set more often than I’d like to admit. I’m doing it less since I’ve started threading my SoundSports under my shirt and out the neck (try that if you haven’t already.) If you have $140 to throw at awesome wireless earbuds that will circumvent this problem entirely, get these. High-end sound quality, eight hours of battery, and tons of fitting options make these the top choice for all the best reasons.

Buy It Here: $79


If You Insist On Over-The-Ear Headphones: Soul Electronics Combat+

I get it, some people love over-ear headphones for the gym. I find them generally uncomfortable and sweaty, but that’s just me. There’s no question that over-ear offers better bass and general sound quality. Soul Electronics makes a hell of a product: these beasts boast seriously loud and clear bass, and some features designed to address my main concerns. The breathable headband is comfortable and airy, and Soul includes multiple ear cups that are easy to clean. They also look sick.

Buy It Here: $169


The Best Headphones For Swimming: HydroActive Waterproof Headphones

Swimming is hands-down one of the best workouts around. It’s fun, it absolutely exhausts your whole body, and it’s a hybrid of resistance training and cardio. Swimming is even better with waterproof case for your phone or a waterproof shuffle, plus these headphones. You’ll never get perfect sound quality underwater, but these buds deliver decent audio even while you’re thrashing around trying to stay afloat. Swimming laps while listening to the right music is a great experience, I highly recommend it.

Buy It Here: $90


The Best Budget Fitness Headphones On The Market: Anker Soundbuds In-Ear

Bros, you get what you pay for when it comes to headphones. If you genuinely can’t keep track of a pair, you might want to check these out. Decent sound quality, sweat and water resistance, and in-ear ridge support make these a good option for a pair of budget buds. Buy It Now!

Buy It Here: $25


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