Video Shows Hot Bikini Girl Riding Dirty In ‘Hoverboard’ Cart Making Her A Real Ride And Die Chick

Do you still own a “hoverboard”? Has it blown up yet? If you answered ‘yes’ and ‘no’ respectively, and you haven’t killed yourself riding one, and you live in an area that hasn’t banned the dumbest and douchiest mode of transportation yet, then you’re in luck because this company is selling a seat attachment for only $69! Yes, that price is listed correctly. Here’s their promo video featuring a hot girl in a bikini riding dirty in the product that the seller is calling a “hovercart”. I apologize in advance for the god-awful music…

This patent pending accessory “converts stand up electric hoverboards into comfortable sitting with various configurations possible. Install any beach chair or cooler and tow various gear! Riding hoverboard while sitting is safer than standing and more fun, too!”

Definitely more relaxing. Safer? Not so much. Maybe if the attachment comes with an automatic fire sensing extinguisher to prevent you from going up in Waka Flocka Flames and becoming bacon.

Of course, a Reddit commenter asked the obvious…

A YouTube commenter had a great suggestion – “Hoverboard Beachchair Bikini Races!!” Coming to Fox Sports 1 this summer.

Skeptical consumers want to see how it handles on rough terrain or in the rain or even how it stops. All valid questions that will never be answered. Just buy it, what’s the worst that could happen? I’m sure GEICO’s got you covered.

The fact that people are still calling a miniature, handle-less segway a “hoverboard” is insulting to Back To The Future and technology in general. Guys, THIS is a hoverboard. Not the killing machine that nearly murdered Iron Mike Tyson and Dan Uggla.

Via Reddit

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