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BKFC 37 Live Stream – How To Watch Exclusively On BARE KNUCKLE TV

Watch BKFC 37 featuring Connor Tierney and Jake Lindsey this Saturday on Bare Knuckle TV

If you’re looking for true sports madness in March, look no further than this Saturday, March 4 for BKFC 37 live from the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in London. Who needs buzzer beaters when you’ve got professional face beaters?

What’s so exciting about BKFC? It’s the only sanctioned bare-knuckle fighting organization out there, featuring some of the biggest names in combat sports.

The best part? You can get this event for only $7.99 a month (or $49.99 per year) when you get the BARE KNUCKLE TV app and subscribe.


If you’re looking for a BKFC 37 stream, this is the ONLY place to watch the event live.

The main event pits UFC and Bellator veteran Jake “The Librarian” Lindsey (3-0) against Connor “Brym Town Bomber” Tierney (7-1) in a pivotal bout for each fighter as they climb the welterweight rankings. This is the cherry on top of a card loaded with incredible matchups and hard-hitting action. You won’t be disappointed.

BKFC 37 Fight Card

  • Connor Tierney vs. Jake Lindsey
  • Lee Browne vs. Mason Shaw
  • Terry Brazier vs. David Round
  • Rico Franco vs. Dan Breeze
  • Darren Hendry vs. Corey Harrison
  • Gary Fox vs. Nathan Hind
  • Chaz Wasserman vs. Cédric Severac
  • Jack Draper vs. Bryon Woodger
  • Franco Tenaglia vs. Jamie Hendry
  • Ryan Carmichael vs. Will Cairns

BKFC 37 – How To Watch

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) is the first legally sanctioned and regulated bare knuckle event in the U.S. since 1889, so, yeah, it’s as no-holds-barred as it gets. Dedicated to preserving the legacy of bare-knuckle fighting, bouts are held in a revolutionary circular four-rope ring, which is purposely designed for fast-paced and exciting fights. Moreover, each bout begins as fighters “Toe the Line” — which means starting every round face-to-face and just inches apart — the intensity is as high tense as it gets.

Fighters in BKFC are established pros from sports like boxing, MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai, and are the only athletes able to compete. Additionally, each competitor is only allowed to wrap their hands within one inch of the knuckle, so fights are as bare-knuckle as it gets.

There’s no denying this is as pure as it gets, with fighters scrapping it out as if they were in a street fight.

For $7.99 a month, you can enjoy BKFC 37 on the BARE KNUCKLE TV app from the comfort of your TV, computer, or mobile device. In addition, you’ll have access to monthly BKFC events, access to the complete PPV library, exclusive behind-the-scenes content, and much more!


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