Bro Creates ‘The BooZie,’ A Koozie That Straps Onto Your Belt Like Gun Holster For Your Beer

Fact: Bros love Koozies. I have an entire drawer in my kitchen stashed with the many dozens of Koozies I’ve collected over the years. A few favorites in my collection include a STIHL chain saw koozie, a fishing charter from the Eastern Shore, Maryland, and a Carhartt one that a buddy from D.C. left in my apartment many, many moons ago. I have no less than 20 BroBible koozies in collection as well. Those are keepsakes.

No beer should ever be consumed without protection. A Bro in Georgia by the name of Jonathan Sellars had a remarkable stroke of genius while trying to stand out in his after-work kickball league: WHAT IF you could free up your hands by WEAR your koozie on your belt like a gun holster? He came up with The BooZie, a Koozie that you can wear like John Wayne’s Colt Single-action. In his own words:

The BooZie is a magnetic drink holder along with a metal belt clip. Simply place the clip on your belt and then stick the BooZie on.

Here’s how it works:

Here’s their launch video:

He’s now selling BooZie’s via Kickstarter. The American flag one is DOPE. U-S-A. U-S-A. U-S-A.

In case you aren’t already convinced, here’s more uses of The BooZie at work. This might just be the best drinking invention of 2015. At the very least, it’s the most Bro-tastic thing we’ve spotted on Kickstarter in a long time.

For more details, check out The BooZie’s Kickstarter page. Pledge your support and get one for those long days of hands-free summer boozing.

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