Brooklyn Tool Shed Smaller Than A Closet Listed For $500K And Of Course Someone Will Buy It

Brooklyn Shed


Brooklyn real estate is a sound investment, even if it’s a “house” no bigger than a dorm room. That why this 12 by 26 feet shack is going for $500K will probably get bought immediately.

The faded yellow 1-bedroom “home” at 86 Bay 47th Street is a measly 12 by 26 feet and is built with aluminum siding, like some backyard sheds.

But the — shall we say cozy and rustic — abode is perfectly legal and features a small bathroom, gas, heat and hot water, according to Anothony Mussolino, the realtor who posted the listing.

“Better than a condo…asking only $499,000!” an ad on proclaims.

The realtor posted an ad for the home on its own even though it’s part of the lot next door that’s listed at $899K and included this little house of horror.

If I had the money I’d absolutely buy the entire lot for $899K, fix up the outdoor closet, and either rent it or convert it to an Airbnb and use the rent money to make my own mortgage payments. There are much worse places to live in NY like “the street.”

[via NY Post]