BrüMate – Specializing In Spill-Proof Drinkware For Travel

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When you’re on the go, the last thing you need is a spill. Whether it’s hot coffee all over your lap, or a cold soda sticking to the interior and stinking up your car for weeks. But even the latest model of car can’t stop the containers themselves from tilting, splashing, falling, and completely covering everything in a liquid mess.

Brümate is a specialized liquid container company founded on exactly this problem.

They’re dedicated to drafting drinkware using new technology they’ve invented just for the road. Their Müv collection is designed to get you moving, with a Bevlock technology that boasts a 100% leak-proof locking lid that you can literally shake the container upside down and not spill a single drop. At the other end of the lid is a magnetic closure mechanism, so that when you want your beverage open, it stays open until you choose to close it.

Special BevGuard technology guarantees that your drinks stay hot – or cold, without any metallic aftertaste. Plus, the metal containers will never leech estrogen-like those plastic containers, so your hormones (and your man-boobs) are safer because of it.

Other notable mentions that caught our eye are Brümate’s lifetime warranty, free shipping and returns, and a selection of dazzling colors, ranging from simple to shabang. They also have specialized drinkware for different occasions. The following are some of our favorites:

BrüMate Balls of Ice

This specialized ice ball maker creates balls of ice designed to fit perfectly into any Brümate beverage container. Whether you want to chill on a hot day or ice your coffee, these rounded spheres are scientifically engineered to release the maximum amount of cold with the minimum amount of water added to your drink.<

Ice Sphere Set of 2 – fits perfectly into your Brümate bottles without the mess, for max chill.

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BrüMate Rehydration Canteen

The 25 oz Rehydration Bottle is a canteen with two functions: Hydration Mode and Party Mode. It holds 25 oz of liquid and keeps it ice cold on the go, with a specialized leak-proof cap that doubles as a 1.5 oz shot glass when you flip it upside down. Alternatively, a specialized lid with a straw with a durable handle makes for better drinking, whenever, wherever. The slim design fits in most cup holders.

BrüMate 20 oz Imperial Pint Glasses

These versatile metal pint cups keep your drinks cold, boast the leak proof lid, but also double as a cocktail shaker (specialized shaker attachments are sold separately, but we shook it up with the leak proof lid just fine). These are tapered to be smaller at the base, so they fit perfectly into every one of our drink holders.

Reputed to be the world’s first 100% leak-proof insulated mug, we loved successfully testing out how capable and intelligent the design is. While the one drawback was that this mug didn’t fit into our cup holders (it has a handle, plus it’s wider than Brümate’s other bottles) it nestled perfectly into our lap without the outside being hot. That’s the beauty of double insulation – stays hot or cold on the inside but neutral on the out.

Toddy is available in multiple colors. This metal mug has a handle for easy sipping of your favorite hot beverages.

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