You’ve Never Seen A Cell Phone Cover More Delicious Than This Crispy Fried Chicken Case

Fried Chicken Cell Phone 2

Yes, this is real. Yes, it looks delicious.

Practical? I’m not sure. It depends on the life you lead. If you’ve got a big job that constantly requires a cell phone for meetings with people, you might want to pass up this fried chicken cell phone. If you’re a nobody, sure, go for it. If you’re that lady from the Popeye’s commercial, absolutely.

Fried Chicken Cell Phone

This fried chicken cell phone case is also a kickstand so you can stand the phone straight up to talk, FaceTime or do whatever you need to do. Probably eat chicken.

I do know this — you’ll never again get asked “is this your cell phone?”

Buy It Here: $29.99