Cool Trick Lets You Change Your iPhone And iPad Icons From Squares To Circles

iphone hack trick round icons folders

YouTube - videosdebarraquito

Customizing my phone, while pointless, still for some reason brings me great joy. I have to imagine that I am not alone in that sentiment. Which is why when I saw this neat trick to change your iPhone and iPad icons from those squares with round edges to circles I was unreasonably excited.

YouTuber videosdebarraquito has either stumbled onto a glitch or a hidden feature that I am sure that most of of us never knew existed. This, folks, is why YouTube was invented – for people who have way more time on their hands than we do to discover cool, fun new things.

Anyway, what they discovered that by taking just performing a few minor tasks you can confuse your friends who have just regular old iPhones with those lame square icons.

It doesn’t even require you jailbreaking your phone. All you need to do is set a very small image, the example uses a 3×3 pixel image, as your Home screen wallpaper and make a few changes in your settings.

And so you know that it really works, Cult of Mac, who would know, tried it on an iPhone 6s and an iPad Air 2 and it worked on both of them. Just know they did it on them with iOS 9.3 installed. That might be a sticking point if you aren’t running that operating system.

Here’s the video showing exactly how it’s done because my addled brain can’t possibly put into words how to do it better than you actually watching it.

H/T The Daily Dot