This Coffee Gator Canister Will Keep Your Grounds Tasting Fresh Forever

by 3 years ago
Coffee Gator Cannister 2


The best cup of coffee usually comes on the same day you rip open the bag of grounds for the first time. Every cup gets progressively more “ehhh.” It’s not the coffee’s fault. It’s your fridge.

You keep the coffee grounds in the same small areas as leftovers, eggs, milk and all the other food and the smells start to mingle and suddenly your morning coffee tastes like day old General Tso.

If you’re a coffee lover, or just want a decent cup of coffee every morning, invest in this Coffee Gator Canister.

Here are the creators of the cannister explaining what I said but without the Chinese food reference.

Coffee beans naturally emit CO2. But when it comes to storing coffee, CO2 is the enemy. We won’t bore you with the science, but take it from us; CO2 to coffee is like salt to a slug, de-icer to a cat or kryptonite to Superman. This canister has a one-way valve which allows Co2 to leave but stops air and light from entering and attacking flavor.

A Coffee Gator Canister means no more messing about with fiddly coffee packets that tear in the wrong place or split open at will. No more trying (and failing) to keep the packet airtight with sticky tape or elastic bands or clothes pegs. It’s just good coffee every damn day.

BUY IT NOW: $29.99

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