Don’t Half Ass Anything: Meet The Two Bros Behind The Lifestyle Brand That’s Starting A Revolution

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When you think of doing something that’s got your name attached to it, most guys typically think about giving it their all. That’s sort of the way we’re all brought up, right? To never half ass anything, work hard, and reap the benefits after you’ve gone all beast mode.

Well, imagine being a dude who doesn’t just live this mantra, but actually started an entire lifestyle brand about it! That’s what two buddies, Hartley Erickson and Matt Miller, did with their company Don’t Half Ass Anything, which creates badass apparel and gear for the guys who live boldly and never think about cutting corners to reach success.


Despite the crappiness that 2020 brought all of us, Hartley and Matt knew it was time to roll up their sleeves, stop making any excuses and go kick some ass. It’s why they developed a simple motto: “No matter what you do, where you go, or who you love, Don’t Half Ass Anything.”

Little did they know that mentality would lead them to their brand, Don’t Half Ass Anything.

Launching in the beginning of 2020, Hartley and Matt didn’t just grow the company, but literally took the show on the road, with the two buddies rolling around the country to expand their product line, grow their platform, and get some pretty dope content along the way — all while demonstrating what it means to fully embrace the lifestyle of not half assing anything.

Since it takes some wild dudes to pull a move like that, I had to catch up with the fellas to see how they’re doing, what made the brand come to life, and where they intend to take the company moving forward.


BroBible (BB): What inspired the design of your clothing and accessories?

Don’t Half Ass Anything (DHAA): “As we traveled across the United States there were endless news updates constantly highlighting everything that was wrong and negative about this country. We felt that when we turned off the news and stepped outside it was easy to discover how much was right in this country. The mountains and sunsets were the two most consistent sources of inspiration and that is what we wanted to capture and share with our customers. The beauty of the world is all around you everyday if you are willing to look for it. That is what we incorporated into our Don’t Half Ass Anything daily outerwear and accessories. Every one of our products is created to be high quality, comfortable, and stylish so that our customers can make the most out of every day.”

BroBible (BB): Tell me about your new blog platform for small businesses.

Don’t Half Ass Anything (DHAA): “As a small business ourselves, we felt very strongly about how unfortunate the circumstances had become for so many small businesses around the country. To dream up, plan, and execute any creative or business endeavor involves zero half assing, and it was painful witnessing so many small businesses dreams falling apart. We wanted to help and this was what seemed to make the most sense. We feel blessed that our platform has the opportunity to give people and businesses a voice.”

BroBible (BB): What’s the overall voice and mission of Don’t Half Ass Anything?

Don’t Half Ass Anything (DHAA): “We want people to know that committing to the process, meaning what you say, and doing your best is the best decision you can make for yourself and others. It is easier said than done, so maintain a sense of humor about it while you’re at it. That’s what we’re doing and it is when we maintain this attitude; we are able to give our customers and the world the best of what we have to offer from our content, partnerships, and products. No matter what you do, where you go, or who you love Don’t Half Ass Anything.”


Considering Hartley and Matt are traveling around the country to spread the Don’t Half Ass Anything brand, I highly encourage you to keep up with their adventures by giving them a follow on Instagram and checking out their website. From teasing products to interacting with fans to climbing Half Dome — one of the largest inspiring mountains in America — you’re bound to feel all sorts of FOMO as these two tackle the States as you sit in front of your computer, but, hey, at least it’s fun stuff to watch.

So if you need a little encouragement on the regular — and don’t we all? — get yourself part of the Don’t Half Ass Anything community, and proudly rep your favorite shirt, hat, socks or the popular Ass Plate that reminds people why you’re kicking ass and taking names.


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