Each & Every Deodorant Brought Back Their Cedar & Spice Scent By Popular Demand, And It Delivers The Smell Of The Great Outdoors

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After being stuck indoors for the past few months, isn’t it time to get a little taste of the great outdoors? While that may mean heading outside for a walk or hike in the woods (as long as you’re staying safe), it can also mean bringing the fragrance inside to you — you’ve just got to know where to get the authentic smell.

Luckily, that place is from Each & Every deodorant, which is bringing back a previously retired scent called Cedar & Spice, which boasts the incredibly fresh aromas of the outdoors to your body each and every day — and is available again thanks to popular demand — and, like all of their products, is made from natural ingredients that keep you fresh and clear of irritation.


So what makes Each & Every’s Cedar & Spice scent so original (and desired)? Considering it’s an earthy blend of cedarwood, coriander and vetiver essential oils, it brings a rugged, herbal and woodsy scent to your underarms, making you feel like you’ve been surrounded by trees every single time you apply it. That’s because the cedarwood oil is upcycled from the furniture industry, where leftover shavings are distilled to produce an essential oil that’s known to produce feelings of vitality and wellness, soothe and relax and reduce anxiety and stress — what other deodorant can claim that?

Of course, it goes without saying that the great outdoors is a scent plenty of us could use right now (and always), as we’ve been stuck indoors without the usual greenery of the springtime that often comes around this time of year. Thankfully, Each & Every’s Cedar & Spice deodorant can deliver the natural scent every time you apply it to your armpits. Talk about an ideal way to start your morning.


Made from the most natural ingredients, Each & Every deodorant does things a little bit differently to keep you smelling fresh and clean while avoiding any skin irritation. It’s why they never use things like baking soda, alcohol, propylene glycol or synthetic fragrance; which can all cause irritation and sensitivity. Their deodorants are also aluminum & paraben-free.

Just look at the good stuff Each & Every uses in their deodorants and see for yourself why this stuff is a class above other options out there.

  • Coconut Oil: Used for skin conditioning.
  • Tapioca Starch: A powder to absorb wetness on skin.
  • Antioxidant Salt: Used to fight odor causing bacteria.
  • Dead Sea Minerals: Used to control odor.
  • Ozokerite: Also called earth wax, it gives the product structure.
  • Natural Essential Oils: A blend of 100% natural essential oils and extracts give the products their scent with no synthetic or artificial fragrance.

You don’t get that kind of love from other deodorants, so it’s no wonder why Each & Every products are so A+.



Using just six simple ingredients (plus essential oils), all of Each & Every deodorants pack tons of benefits and unique scents that you just can’t find elsewhere. And whether you’re an avid outdoorsman, or just like the usual hike through the woods, the Cedar & Spice scent is the best way to keep your skin happy, healthy and smelling amazing all day.


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