Esbit Titanium Folding Cutlery Set Is Minimalism At Its Finest

Esbit Folding Utensils 2

I’ve been reading about, listening to podcasts about and watching movies about minimalism. I’ll save you the click — it’s basically the idea of ditching all your pointless junk to achieve a new freedom. And not just free of junk.

Anyway, minimalism means getting rid of many things, especially stuff you rarely use. Take, for example, silverware. If you live alone, and rarely have guests over, why do you have drawers and drawers full of forks, knives and seven different sizes of spoons? You only need a fork, knife and spoon and a sponge to clean them every time.

Made from titanium, this Esbit cutlery set is so lightweight and packable, you can use it at home or camping, traveling or living on the road. Each utensil measures 7.2 inches when extended and 4.2 inches when folded down. All three utensils have polished mouthpieces, and the spoon is deep enough for use with soups and stews.

esbit folding utensils

Get the entire set for a steal and live minimally now.


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