10 Everyday Carry Essentials For Your Holiday Wish List

everyday carry essentials wish list

Your ideal collection of everyday carry gear will look different than mine and mine will look different than the guy sitting in the truck next to me at a stoplight. Every guy has unique wants and needs when it comes to his everyday carry essentials but this hand-picked collection of gear that I’ve put together here has a little something for everyone.

First up today is the Horween Leather Weekender Watch ($108) which is a custom Horween leather strap modification on the classic Timex Weekender. This gorgeous leather strap is handmade in Florida and the beauty of this watch is it can be worn every day across all of your styles and outfits.

The Dr. Martens Coronado Men’s Leather Casual Shoes ($90) are based on the company’s Original 3-Eye silhouette. This shoe’s crafted from a lightly textured Hana leather, a personal favorite of mine because of the rugged finish. These casual shoes look great with jeans or chinos.

everyday carry essentials wish list

The USA Palm Reversible Sherpa ($99) embodies comfort in ways I can’t even begin to express with my limited vocabulary. It feels like you’re wearing a cloud mixed with a soft blanket. And it’s reversible! Also, this comes in a ton of different styles for you to choose from ranging from retro to contemporary. Give it a chance and you’ll be very glad you did.

Pair that sherpa with the Flint and Tinder 365 Pant – Tapered ($82) which come in six different colors and are perfect everyday pants. Even if jeans are your preferred style you’re going to love how these chinos frame your lower half. And they’re sold in every length x waist configuration you’re looking for.

The Cactus Leather Key Organizer ($40) holds between 2 to 7 keys and is there to help you save pocket space in ways you didn’t think was possible. I was first turned onto OrbitKey a few years ago and have been a fan ever since.

everyday carry essentials wish list

The Spalted Beech + Turquoise Pocket Knife ($100) is an heirloom quality knife that’s built to last you a lifetime. The handle has a gorgeous Sonoran Turquoise inlay in the spalted beech wood. Each one of these knives is handmade in Santa Fe, New Mexico and each one is unique / no two knives are the same.

Carbon Fiber Wallet + Cash Plate ($105) is a favorite of everyday carry enthusiasts because of how lightweight it is and the superior craftsmanship. This minimalist wallet holds between 1-12 cards and has the elastic cash strap to hold all of your bills. This wallet only weighs 1.7oz which is unbelievably light compared to the competition.

Here we’ve got The Cache River Bit Driver ($60) which is an incredibly handy everyday carry tool to have with you. This is one of those items that are never nearby when I need it. The low-profile form factor designed specifically for everyday pocket carry and it features lightweight aluminum construction with a durable anodized finish. It has ball bearing pivot for smooth driving action and the magnetic bit attachment point keeps it firmly in place when it’s in use. As I said, this is just a clutch tool to have with you most times.

everyday carry essentials wish list

We round it out today with the YETI Rambler 26oz Bottle Chug Top ($40) which is the exact bottle I drink from every single day to stay hydrated. For whatever reason, I find I drink more water out of this bottle than any other one that I’ve ever owned. If you’re on the boat all day in the hot sun you’ll want to stay hydrated with this excellent bottle!

Last up is the Aer Duffel Pack 2 Backpack ($136) which is an all-time favorite of mine. I’ve had an Aer Fit Pack 2 for years (in black / smaller version of this) and I’ve traveled the world with it. It has a super handy zippered pocket at the bottom for your shoes as well as a massive central compartment. I often use this as my carry-on bag for flights. It also has a laptop sleeve and pockets throughout for everything you need to store.

Let us take a look at all of this year’s best everyday carry gear one more time. You can shop the full collection and/or pick and choose any of your favorites by following the product links underneath the image below!

everyday carry essentials wish list

[1] Horween Leather Weekender Watch [$108]

[2] Dr. Martens Coronado Men’s Leather Casual Shoes [$90]

[3] USA Palm Reversible Sherpa [$99]

[4] Flint and Tinder 365 Pant – Tapered [$82]

[5] Cactus Leather Key Organizer [$40]

[6] Spalted Beech + Turquoise Pocket Knife [$100]

[7] Carbon Fiber Wallet + Cash Plate [$105]

[8] The Cache River Bit Driver [$60]

[9] YETI Rambler 26oz Bottle Chug Top [$40]

[10] Aer Duffel Pack 2 Backpack [$136]

I hand-pick a collection of 10 Everyday Carry Essentials each day for you gentlemen and try to keep it as fresh as possible around here. Each day’s roundup of the best everyday carry gear for men includes a combination of apparel, accessories, and gear that are meant to have an immediate impact on your daily life. You can pick and choose your favorites from the collection or shop the complete set, whatever’s best for you. And if you happen to have any accessories or apparel that you believe deserves to be featured here you can always hit me up on Twitter at @casspa or email at cass@brobible.com.


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