Bro Quit His Career In Finance To Apprentice As A Bladesmith, Is Now Making Some Of The Most Badass Knives Ever

by 2 years ago

This bro’s story is that around two years ago he realized he needed to get the fugg out of the finance industry or risk losing his sanity, so he formulated a plan to get out of finance and that plan began with him securing an apprenticeship as a bladesmith with another bro named Murray.

If you’re looking at that photo above then you’re probably assuming that the ‘finance bro’ is the one on the right, well it’s actually that ginger bro on the left with a beard that would make a viking blush. According to his post over on Imgur/Reddit his beard was actually bigger back when he was working in finance, which I find hard to believe but I’ll go ahead and take him at his word on this.

Here’s his story via the post he threw up on Reddit yesterday after sharing all of his pictures on Imgur:

A little backstory, about 2 years ago I began hatching a plan to get out of the banking industry, seeing as I didn’t have any background in making knives, I met with Murray a couple times to go over the trade and if this is what I wanted to do. After saving money for an additional 9 months, paying off debt, and just planning ahead as much as I could, I left the bank and began my apprenticeship a year ago. I’ve posted about 25 images that show progress and a some of the processes we use.

Now let’s check out this bro’s handiwork, shall we? Below is his full Imgur gallery that you can scroll through, before that though I’ve included a few individual photos that I thought you bros would really be into:

Knife Ricochets then Lodges Itself in Log
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