The World’s First Glass Vaporizer, Plus 10 Things We Want

Yeezus, $TBA

You can't pre-order it, you can't hear its singles on the radio, you can't download an always-thought-inevitable leak—it's Yeezus, for better or worse the most secretive and anticipated album of the year. Kanye West stoked the flame of anticipation by giving a simultaneously narcissistic and illuminating interview to the New York TImes earlier in the week. Expect dark, angry, and controversial stuff. Expect something fascinating.

Playable Beer Bottle, $Unfortunately Priceless

Above is a kind of fascinating look at how a beer bottle was converted into a record player. Give it a try at home with your collection. 

Ascent by DaVinci, $249

For the discerning pot enthusiast: The Ascent is the world's first portable glass vape, a sleek number that includes a 3-hour battery life, dual mouthpiece, and smaller-than-an-iPhone size. You'll practically be smoking like a secret agent with this thing.

Kiehl's Anti-Aging Cream, $40

If you're looking for a last-minute Father's Day gift, Kiehl's just came out with an anti-aging cream for men that, perhaps most importantly, doesn't look like it was bought at a place where you'd typically buy anti-aging creams. Straight, to the point. If you've gotta wear skincare products, this is what you're looking for.

Shred Shrastawood Belushki’s, $149

Handmade with Carl Zeiss lenses and wooden sides, the Shrastawood shades are unique as hell, and possibly perfect for your summer.

Shackleton Whisky, $153

So we actually wrote about this whisky and its journey a few months ago. Here's the lowdown: Ernest Shackleton was the first man to ever discover Antarctica. He and his crew sailed from London in 1907 and over the course of two years, made it further south than any person in recorded history, almost arriving at the magnetic South Pole itself before they all nearly died from starvation.

The camp they left behind was discovered last year, and among Shackleton's abandoned items was this: A previously lost-to-time brand of highland malt whisky called MacKinleys. Distillers brought back crates of the whisky, reverse engineered it, and distilled new batches based on all the old Shackleton specifications. I have tried it. It is every bit as smooth as advertised, and it's maybe some of the best booze I've ever had. (Hence the statement price, I suppose.)  

Sign-Feld Posters, $35 for 2

Because why wouldn't you want “But Are You Still Master of Your Domain?” hanging on your bedroom wall?

New Console Alert, PS4 $399, Xbox One $499

It was a big week for console announcements. Who “won”? The PS4 or the Xbox One? Points for the Xbox One can be found in my fanboyish breakdown here; 15 reasons against can be found here. Pros for the PS4 here; cons here

Nike Air Pegasus '83, $129

Not every pair of sneakers you own should rock the boat. The Air Pegasus' will go with just about anything.

25 Books for Bros, $Various

Looking for something to read this summer? Find new stuff about climbing K2, playing baseball in the '50s, and why we love to obsess over evil-doers (and that's just the non-fiction!) in our summer reading list here.