Want To Fly, But No Pilot’s License? You Need The Half Jet Ski, Half Plane, All Fun FlyNano

FlyNano Half Jet Ski Plane

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Every once in awhile an invention comes along that’s so genius we wonder why no one had ever thought of creating it before. Today is one of those days.

In March I thought I had just about seen it all when we shared some information on the Hyundai Kite, a dune buggy that transforms into a jet ski. And yet, here we are today talking about FlyNano, an aircraft that’s half plane, half jet ski, and requires no pilot’s license. Well, at least in Europe. You’ll have to check with your local authority here to be sure, but still, how fun is that?

Granted, some flying experience is recommended before strapping yourself into a FlyNano. Especially since it can reach speeds of up to 75mph. It would certainly suck to take a header into the water after shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for one of the greatest grown-up toys we’ve ever seen.

The single-seat FlyNano is 100 percent electric, weighs under 70kg (154lbs), boasts the highest power-to-weight ratio available in the market, and, bonus, it’s easy to transport as you just detach the wing and body to make it fit into the FlyNano trailer.


Pekka Kauppinen, Chief Test Pilot, for the FlyNano, raved about the exciting new aircraft…

Compared to regular general aviation aircraft, FlyNano may best be described as a go-cart compared to a regular car. Due to its small size and light weight the sensation of speed is remarkable. It is very unlike the feeling you get when flying common Cessnas and Pipers, although the absolute speeds are actually quite alike, the latter being even a bit faster, that is. When reviewing the experience, FlyNano is in fact more comparable to waterjets and quad bikes than regular airplanes or microlights.

Think about it! You get in, not from the pier, but from the water. A wet or dry suit to keep you warm is necessary. You strap yourself to the seat and wear a helmet to avoid spray and wind chill. No clearances, no run-ups, no checklists. The lake is open for takeoff. The fun starts immediately. It is ecstatic.

The flight is characterized by a high tempo and full concentration is required at all times. The open cockpit makes flying even more daring and flying is sure to be filled with adrenaline and euphoria. As skills develop and confidence builds up the excitement of novelty will naturally abate, but new challenges are right behind the corner keeping up the thrill. It is relatively easy to learn how to operate FlyNano safely, but mastery in all situations requires hours and hours of practice. With FlyNano full satisfaction is guaranteed.

Okay, when words like go-cart, waterjets, no clearances, no run-ups, no checklists, adrenaline and euphoria, are used then you know flying one of these would be the time of your life.

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