This Guy’s Nike Swoosh Beard is Blowing My Mind

by 4 years ago



Growing up, my best friend and I were fiercely loyal to Nike and spent most of elementary school drawing shoes covered in the iconic swoosh. It was borderline obsessive behavior and I’m very happy I grew out of it.

Otherwise something like this could have happened.


HOLY HELL. That’s a human being with a Nike logo for a beard. You rarely, if ever, see that — even in Williamsburg.

I wish I knew more about the motivation for this behavior. Human psychologists around the globe share this desire. HE MUST BE STUDIED!

Less surprising than the facial hair style is this man’s shirt. I’d wager a large sum of money at least 70 percent of his wardrobe is beard-related.

I’ll be shocked if this photo isn’t Phil Knight’s background by day’s end.

[Via @talkhoops]


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