1907 Harley-Davidson Motorcyle Auctioning For An Estimated $1 Million And It’s Dope As Hell

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are awesome machines today but the old school Harleys are badass plus ten.

Check out this 1907 Harley Davidson motorcycle with a strap tank up for auction at Mecum Auctions. It’s considered to be the best unrestored Harley Davidson motorcycle with a strap tank in the world.

In 1907, Harley Davidson motorcycles built 150 machines and displayed a V-twin prototype that February at the Chicago Automobile Show – the future was clear. H-D were one of around 150 motorcycle manufacturers at that date, and by 1908 the company’s production leaped to 1,149 machines.

These earliest Harley-Davidson ‘strap tank’ models are the rarest and most coveted of all Milwaukee machinery, and this 1907 model is one of the first 207 built, including the prototypes. The serial number (#2037) suggests it is the 37th Harley-Davidson built in 1907, making it their 94th machine ever built, including the two prototypes. This machine, #2037, is widely considered the best unrestored ‘strap tank’ Harley in the world and was purchased from the Leo Bongers estate auction in David City, Nebraska, in January 1993. It should be noted that Leo Bongers’ father was the original owner of this machine.

This sweet Harley-Davidson motorcycle is expected to pull in anywhere between $800K to $1 million dollars when it goes up for auction later in the month.

[via Hypebeast]

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