Hooters Is Launching Their Own Line Of Premium Spirits And I’m 100% On Board With ‘Hooters American Whiskey’


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I’ve made no attempts to hide the fact that I’m an unabashed Hooters super fan. Between the delicious wings, an abundance of TVs, curly fries, and extensive drinks menu with pretty excellent daily specials, it might be the best casual dining establishment in America.

Anytime I’m pregaming a concert at Madison Square Garden there are only two places you’ll find me. Barcelona Bar aka ‘Shot Bar’ on 55th and 8th (same subway line as MSG) where I have my own shot on the wall (the ‘Winter is Coming’) or at Hooters directly across the street from The Garden. It’s comfort food that isn’t overpriced and you can rip shots at the bar without looking out of place. I see this is a win-win.

Hooters just upped their game even more with the announcement of a premium line of spirits. The full range includes a vodka, two rums, two tequilas, and two whiskeys. This portfolio of premium liquors is set to hit Hooters locations across America this Fall which is perfect because it coincides with the peak of football season.

Hooters announced their new line of premium spirits in a press release on their website this week including news that NASCAR driver Chase Elliott will drive a ‘special No. 9 Hooters Spirits Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 at Bristol Motor Speedway’ this month on August 17th. Let’s take a look at the description of each spirit:

Hooters Vodka is a flavorful and smooth six times distilled, gluten free, corn-based organic vodka, perfect for any cocktail

Delivering a memorable gin experience, Hooters Gin uses only select natural botanicals and Juniper berries

Hooters Dark Rum is aged in barrels and made with choice Caribbean blackstrap sugar cane molasses
Slightly sweet and smooth, Hooters Light Rum mixes beautifully in your favorite tropical cocktails or soft drinks

Hooters Tequila Silver is a unique blend sure to satisfy fans looking for an adventurous drinking experience, while Hooters Tequila Gold is a beautiful amber-hued tequila, perfectly suited for cocktails or neat

Hooters American Whiskey is a two year aged true American Whiskey that is perfect for any occasion, mixed or as a shot

Finally, Hooters Heat Cinnamon Whiskey is a compilation of premium American Whiskey with natural cinnamon and a touch of heat

Obviously, you’ll need to be 21-years-old in order to purchase these spirits which will be available at Hooters locations throughout America. I’m not sure if that’s true for Texas where parents can legally order alcoholic drinks for their kids because I only recently learned about this Texas law and I’m still in disbelief.

I’m sure that Hooters Heat Cinnamon Whiskey will be a popular choice for shots as will the Hooters American Whiskey which will also be great in mixed drinks.

I think I’m most curious to see how the Hooters Gin tastes because craft gins have been all the rage in the UK for a few years now and for some reason that house-made Gin craze hasn’t caught on here in America but I could see this being a catalyst to get that going.

For a full rundown of this news, you can click here to visit Hooters’ website.

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