John McAfee Just Told The World (On National TV) How To Crack The iPhone In Steps So Simple A Toddler Can Do It

John McAfee is world famous for developing the first commercially viable anti-virus software program for consumers. He’s also the 2016 Libertarian Party presidential candidate. John McAfee’s also been receiving quite a bit of publicity recently after he publicly volunteered to decrypt the iPhone used by the San Bernardino shooter after a judge ordered Apple to decrypt the phone and Apple subsequently refused.

Well, McAfee apparently got tired of waiting for the FBI, Apple, or whoever to take him up on his offer to decrypt the iPhone and he just went on national TV and showed the world, in steps so simple that a child can follow, how to decrypt an iPhone. He claims he’s going to take a great deal of blowback from the security community for doing this but he went ahead and did it anyway…So here’s how to crack into an iPhone:

His steps:

1. Hardware engineer takes the phone apart and copies the instruction set (the iOS, application set, and memory).
2. Then you run a program called a disassembler. A program which takes all the 1s and 0s and gives you readable instructions.
3. Then a coder sits down, reads through it, and looks for the first access to they keypad. He claims this will only take half an hour.
4. When the coder sees that then he reads the instructions for where in the memory this keypad code is stored.

Again, John McAfee claims this entire process would only take HALF AN HOUR to decrypt the iPhone and then the FBI would have all of the information they need, yet they still haven’t done this…why?

[h/t r/videos via John McAfee YouTube]

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