A Watch Expert Explains The Three Ways He Spots A Fake Rolex

how to spot a fake rolex

Tech Insider

Buying a Rolex watch is a rite of passage for many. It’s arguably the most iconic Swiss watchmaker in the world. I mean, who doesn’t instantly recognize the name Rolex?

When purchasing a Rolex your buying options are plenty. You can visit a certified jeweler, buy online on a watch exchange, a second-hand store, or any number of other options. But, unless you’re purchasing from a certified retailer and/or see the paperwork and match it to the watch it’s hard to know for certain that you are getting a genuine Rolex, isn’t it?

Watch expert Joe McKenzie is CEO and co-founder of Xupes, a boutique for pre-owned luxury watches like Rolex. He got together with Tech Insider to share the three ways he spots a fake Rolex:

My first memory of visiting Chicago when I was a kid (maybe 9-years-old) involves leaving the iconic Rock-N-Roll McDonald’s and stepping out into the parking lot where a nice gentleman pulled up in a tricked out ride and revealed a sleeve of watches and said ‘y’all wanna buy a Rolex?’ We didn’t take that fine gentleman up on his offer but to this day I still question my decision to pass on the Rolex deal of a lifetime. Who’s to say that they were fakes until I could’ve seen the serial numbers, checked the brand logos on the buckle of the watch, and to inspect that the watch hand was ‘sweeping’ and not ticking.