This Video Shows How Easy It Can Be To Unlock An iPhone Without The Passcode

Since we now live in a world where students are going into teachers’ phones and stealing nudie pics to share with the whole school you might want to pay attention to this.

Turns out that even though you may have your iPhone passcode protected there are still ways that it can potentially be opened revealing all of your secrets.

The video below by SocialStar, discovered by Unilad, shows you just how it’s done…

1. Hold the home button to activate Siri.
2. Ask Siri what time it is.
3. When the time appears, click on the clock.
4. Click on the Timer option that should appear next.
5. Click on “When Timer Ends.”
6. “Buy More Tones” should then appear, click on that. The Apple Store should then appear.
7. Click on the Home button and the home screen should appear.
You have now unlocked the phone without the passcode.

They also point out that if it doesn’t work for you because of the thumbprint used for security just use a knuckle from a finger or something else with no fingerprint to tap on the home screen and you can bypass it that way.

Not everyone agrees that it works, however it did work for some (including the author and people in the comments here) and that alone is pretty spooky.

Got all that? If not, just watch the video below and see if it doesn’t work for yourself…

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