Teacher Is Forced To Resign After Student Stole Nudes From Her Phone And Sent Them Around The School

Warren Buffet once said, “if a cop follows you for 500 miles, you’re going to get a ticket.” The same thing can be said for some pimple-faced shithead scrolling through your camera roll. If he scrolls back through 500 days, he’s going to find a nude. I don’t care if you’re Tim Tebow or the Virgin Mary, its more likely than not that you’ve got a tit/dick pic buried in there somewhere.

But is that a fireable offense? Union County High School in South Carolina seems to think so.

According to Ars Techina, Leigh Anne Arthur, a mechatronics (combination of engineering and computer programming) teacher, was forced to resign after a 16-year-old student snooped through her phone while she was out on hallway duty. Arthur’s phone was not password protected and the student creeped through her camera roll, finding scantily clad Valentine’s Day photos she sent to her husband.

The student then used his phone to take a picture of the photos and shared them to any and all who were interested.

Arthur told News 7 WSPA,

“The student who actually took my phone and took pictures turned around and told me your day of reckoning is coming. He opened up my gallery for my pictures and he found inappropriate pictures of myself and he took pictures from his cell phone of that, and then he told the whole class that he would send them to whoever wanted them.”

The student was suspended and forced to write a written apology to Mrs. Arthur for his severe violation.

Just kidding.

The teacher was forced to resign for contributed to the delinquency of a minor.

Interim Superintendent David Eubanks held Arthur responsible because her phone was unlocked and said he was unsure whether or not the student would face disciplinary action.

Eubanks told The State,

“I think we have a right to privacy, but when we take inappropriate information or pictures, we had best make sure it remains private.”

Arthur obviously challenged Eubanks delusional stance, claiming that the child “knew right from wrong,” and questioned how much weight he was placing on the “moral of the student.”

Students at the high school have created an online petition that aims to reinstate Arthur, but she says she’s not sure she even wants to come back.

As far as her opinion of the shithead who violated her privacy and humiliated her in front of the entire school, she has a more compassionate approach that likely you or I would have.

“He’s 16. We all made stupid decisions at 16.”

I cheated on tests and stole cookies from the cafeteria. I never ruined someone’s career. Fucking kids, man. Where has the discipline gone.

Me right now:

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[h/t Ars Techina, Death and Taxes]

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