How Many iPhones Does It Take To Stop A Steel-Core AK-74 Bullet? Let’s Find Out

After watching this video I can confidently say that a single iPhone in your pocket is not enough metal/protection to save your life from a steel-core AK-47 bullet. It would take a minimum of 5 iPhones to stop an AK-47 bullet from hitting you, and six iPhones are necessary to be certain. Then there’s that matter of a solid shotgun slug. They shoot the iPhones with the shotgun slug after the Ak-47 trials, and as you can see (in the HD GIFs below) there is simply no number of iPhones that’s going to save your ass from a shotgun.

Point being? Either care 6 iPhones in your pockets at all times if you’re in danger of being shot with an AK-47 or simply accept that you may one day die by shotgun wound, no matter how many iPhones you’re packing. Also, no matter the generation of iPhone it is no match for guns. Though this iPhone case claims to actually be bulletproof (and it only costs $99).

Here’s the first AK-47 shot that penetrates through 5 iPhones:

The second AK-47 shot that penetrates 6 iPhones:

And the iPhones being demolished by shotgun:

If any of you bros own this bulletproof iPhone case, or know anything about, drop me a line down below in the comments. It’s only $99 and I’m in the market for a new iPhone case, so thinking that might need to be it.

Tip of the hat to Jalopnik’s FoxTrotAlpha for finding and sharing this video!