This Artist Spent Almost Two Years To Create This Crazy Image Of A 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV Getting Blown Up

Artist Fabian Oefner has just unveiled his latest ‘disintegration’ artwork and it’s taken nearly two years for it to come together.

The end result is what looks like a 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV being exploded and captured in slow-motion. What’s actually happening? This is a composite of 1,500 separate images painstakingly taken over two years and put together to create this insane illusion that shows all of the inner parts of this incredible Lamborghini.

The Swiss artist created this unbelievable piece as a way to test our perceptions of time and reality, according to the release on Lamborghini’s website.

Thousands of photographs taken over two years were pieced together, photos of the tiniest screws to the largest car parts. This piece that took years to create is magnificent because it looks like it’s all happening in an instant.

This isn’t the artist’s first time doing this with a famous car. He’s previously created ‘Disintegration’ works for the Porsche 956, Ferrari 330 P4, Auto-Union Type C, and more.

For more on how this crazy artwork came together, you can click here to visit Lamborghini’s website and press release. (h/t Jalopnik)

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