Need New Luggage? Well, We’ve Got A SICK Herschel Travel Bundle To Give Away (LAST CHANCE)!



This one actually has me a little salty because if there’s one thing I need in my own life it’s new luggage, but since I’m the person working here at BroBible giving away this sick Herschel Travel Bundle I’m not eligible to win. You are though, and I’m sure you already know that luggage is expensive as balls so this is a giveaway you can’t afford to pass up. It’s free to enter and there are no strings attached. Here’s what you’ll get (a value worth $639 all for free!):

— Anchor Sleeve for MacBookPro 15″ will protect your laptop when you’re ready to pack it up
— Little America Backpack is built to fit your laptop & anything else you need for a day trip
— Novel Duffel is easily thrown over your shoulder on-the-go
— Trade Luggage meets the carry-on standards of most major airlines
— Chapter Travel Kit makes it easy to keep all your hygienic products together

Click Here Now To Enter The Ultimate Herschel Travel Bundle Giveaway!

P.s., if you’re like me and in the market for new luggage (which I’m guessing you are because you clicked this post to win a giveaway) I’m interested to hear your feedback on the best stuff out there. Always feel free to drop me a line below in the comments and/or on Twitter.

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