10 Last-Minute Gifts For The Sports Fanatic In Your Life

Christmas is like two days away, the anxiety is at an all-time high and you are SCRAMBLING. What to get? WHAT TO GET? Well, if you are buying for a sports-minded Bro, we have you covered.

Here are some of the best gifts to get the sports-crazed person in your life this holiday season.

1. NBA Jerseys (Photo Above)
The NBA season is heating up. The Knicks are tanking, the Cavs are coming into their own and Golden State is hot off a big winning streak. We’re in the heart of basketball season, so get the hoops fanatics in your life ready to root their asses off by buying them NBA jersey’s from their favorite team.

2. Mizuno’s JPX-850 Forged Irons
Boron. That’s right, these clubs are made of BORON. According to Mizuno, “JPX-850 Forged irons are the first-ever iron to implement “Boron” into the forging process. Boron, a chemical element with atomic number five, commonly found in Earth’s crust and throughout the Solar System, establishes an entirely new standard for distance, forgiveness and feel in a Mizuno forged iron.”

We’re sold. Boron it is.

3. 47 Brand Franchise Hat
Have to buy a gift for the baseball fanatic in your life? Do yourself a favor and replace last year’s hat with this year’s hat. New hats have that new hat smell and not the stink of month-old sweat. Which makes this a gift for everyone, really.

New Era

4. New Era NFL Beanie

If you live in cold states, a beanie is an essential and unfortunate part of life. This NFL beanie from New Era looks like it will do the trick for any football-loving guy.


5. Bose Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Recreational sports and tailgates are better with music, everyone knows that. Get your hands on the portable bluetooth speaker from Bose, AKA the top brand in noise making, and make a Bro’s Christmas extra special.

6. Samsung 55″ Curved LED TV

Bros just don’t love playing sports, we love watching sports. Perhaps even more. We are lazy by nature and the older we get, the prospect of watching basketball is almost more enticing than playing it. So buy a bro a TV, would ya?

7. Coolest Cooler

Have you seen the Kickstarter for this thing? The creator set out to raise $50,000. When all was said and done he raised 13MIL. Once you watch the video, that will come as no surprise: this cooler is a freaking beast. Sadly, you can only preorder it right now, but if your guy needs a cooler for his tailgate parties next year, telling him this is on its way is much better than putting a competitor’s cooler underneath the tree.

8. Brunswick Putting Green

Are you buying for a Bro who loves golf? Do you have a massive budget? Then Brunswick’s putting greens are for you. With options starting at $3,800 going all the way up to $11,300, this definitely requires some deep pockets, but the hours of fun it will bring is priceless?

(That question mark was intentional.)

9. Fredericks & Mae Dartboard

Classic dartboards have that classic look DUH, but sometimes you want a better looking board in your house or apartment. Keep the place from looking like your local tavern with one of these Fredericks & Mae dartboards along with their stylish, high-end darts.

10. Nike Running Shoes

We don’t know much about Nike’s running shoe’s performance, but when it comes to looks, no other manufacturer can even compete. Nike stole all the sexy and is keeping it for themselves.